CAAA President's Message: December 2017


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Hope you all had a productive Fall semester and the grading of the exams are all behind you. Since the last communication, the association had some notable things that are worth reporting and a brief summary is outlined below.

First, I must announce with a sense of loss that our capable and very personable Executive Director for the past few years, Mary Henricksen, resigned from her position and has moved on to other pursuits. It came as a surprise to many of us. Her last day was November 30, 2017. Mary has accomplished many things in her years with the Association and her positive presence will be missed. The Board and Executive are pleased that we have found an able successor to Mary: Amber Goldie, a familiar face to many of you, will be taking over as Interim Executive Director as we move the CAAA forward over the coming year.

Second, as has been the case in past years, this year’s CAR conference in Quebec City was a grand success under the able leadership of Mike Welker, Khim Kelly, and Jeff Pittman, underlined by the meticulous organization of Carina Hackett.

Third, the Board met on November 18, 2017, with two notable things on the Agenda. One, on the basis of a proposal from colleagues of Professor Yuji Ijiri of Carnegie Mellon University, the Board adopted a motion to accept a rotating memorial lecture series in Professor Ijiri’s honour at the annual CAAA conference. The Board volunteered the dates as the Ottawa 2019 meetings or more likely, the 2020 Vancouver (the Asian Gateway) conference. The MOU is being drafted and will be consulted with other sister associations (AAA, EAA and like). Two, the Board also passed a motion on further transparency of Board proceedings. It was adopted that the Board meeting summaries will be available from 2018 onwards. Further, a 5 year lookback and future AGM meeting minutes will be posted on members only section of the association website.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season. If you are travelling, safe travels!

 S.M. Khalid Nainar

President, CAAA (2017-18)


President's Message: October 2017

Dear Colleagues:

Greetings, and I hope you are all having a great start to this academic year.

It is a great privilege to be your CAAA President for this year. As I noted in my remarks at the Montreal CAAA meeting this past June, the association is continuing the work started by the recent Presidents Gaa, Richardson, Bujaki and McWatters, with splendid assistance and support from the CAAA office team of Mary Henricksen, Louise Laroche, Carina Hackett, Vittoria Fortunato, and Amber Goldie.

The Strat Plan passed last year is now being implemented and we should all see its positive results in the coming years. The CAAA Board had its first meeting for the year last month, on September 23rd. Some notable things that came up at the Board meeting:

(1) Efforts are underway towards a balanced budget to break away from the recent experience of deficits,

(2) To broaden and deepen the engagement of CAAA with its membership across the country, two regional events are being planned for this year,

(3) Hopefully, you all have experienced the revamped and energized CAAA website,

(4) A taskforce is being formed to enable accounting academics to function as public intellectuals. Two areas were identified in my remarks at the 2017 Montreal meetings: Pensions and Bank Capital. The taskforce will in all likelihood broaden its mandate beyond these two identified areas in the coming months. More details to come as the taskforce begins its work.

The 32nd Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) conference is coming up on October 27th and 28th in Quebec City along with a Doctoral Consortium. Both events are fully sold out and I am sure they will be as successful under the able direction of Professor Mike Welker, CAR’s Editor-in- Chief, and the CAAA office team as in recent years. These events have become quite notable in the academic community and are a great testament to the wisdom of founding of CAR as a journal and the great work of its past editors, beginning from the founding editor, Professor Haim Falk (McMaster University), with the able and sustained support of the editorial board members and the CAAA secretariat.

Looking more to the longer-term in this year, I extend a warm welcome to each of you to the CAAA 2018 meetings in Calgary on June 15 and 16, 2018, with the theme of Accounting and the Public Trust under the conference chairmanship of Professor Mark Anderson (University of Calgary). It is worth noting that the Rockies are a great place to be in June, and the CAAA team has some additional events planned to take advantage of such a first-class location. For our international colleagues, if there was ever a time to visit Canada, this is it!

Finally, I should note the CAAA is a member-based organization and I strongly encourage each and every one of you to engage with and volunteer with CAAA, particularly my junior colleagues. Personally, my academic years have been greatly enriched by my CAAA association, be it applying for research grants, annual conferences, or networking, meeting colleagues across the country, giving me a better sense of the academic community beyond my university campus.

I wish you all a productive Fall term!


S.M. Khalid Nainar, McMaster University

President / President, CAAA  2017-18

Outgoing President's Message: June 2017

Message from the Outgoing President

Walking on campus in May, signs of spring are everywhere. In my case, final grades submitted, committees having those end-of-term meetings, and plans developing for a busy and productive summer. In Ottawa, we are awaiting tulips and tourists as we celebrate in full force Canada’s sesquicentennial. We are also dealing with the impact of climate change; its effects felt by many colleagues and friends due to flooding in Ottawa-Gatineau, Greater Montreal, la Mauricie, as well as extreme weather in many other parts of the country. As always, we have come together to help – on our campus, for example, our being quickly mobilised to provide assistance, share accommodation, and simply working from home to free up roadways for emergency workers and our armed forces. We have all been touched when learning of those who have lost everything in the last short while. In the midst of this gloom, we also have had stories that remind us of our sense of community and the small miracles that alleviate the sense of helplessness.

Last week, we met at our annual general meeting and conference in Montreal. My term as CAAA president has come to an end and the baton has been passed to the capable hands of Khalid Nainar. As president, I have had the great privilege to represent you and to learn and appreciate the sheer diversity of the activities and interests that link us as a community of scholars. I know that Khalid can count on all of our support in his leadership role as together we continue to build our teaching and research community. Our conference convenor, Richard Fontaine, our CAAA staff and many of our members, volunteers and stakeholders worked tirelessly to challenge us to embrace ‘Fearless Disruption’! I very much enjoyed greeting you all there.

While I finish my presidential term with some disappointment of projects and plans left as work-in-process -- it seems that one never accomplishes all that one believes possible or do-able --, I wish to thank the CAAA Board, our staff and all of you for your support over the past year. We have worked to develop and refine an actionable strategic plan to make the CAAA an essential part of your academic landscape. Do be in touch with me or with our new president Khalid Nainar to offer your ideas and insights into how the CAAA can best serve and support you. You can always keep up to date and contact the CAAA here on our website and follow us on Twitter.

President's Message: September 2016

President's Message: July 2016

While the summer is a time for renewal and relaxation, it is also a busy time for us at the CAAA as we transition to a new executive and focus on the upcoming year.  Our annual conference in St. John’s proved to be a great success and provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet many of you who made the trek to the Atlantic Coast.  For those of you who were not able to be with us, this note offers a brief update of decisions taken at our recent Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting, along with outlining some plans for the upcoming year. 

Strategic Plan and Governance Review:

The development of our strategic plan will remain my key priority for the upcoming months, building on the work which Merridee Bujaki (Past President, Carleton University) led during her presidency.  After a very engaging strategic retreat held at the end of April, which included both incoming and the then current members of the Board, we are now working on the detailed plan to guide our programming and activities for the next five years.  A strong strategic document will enable us to move forward with a number of key initiatives to make the CAAA vibrant and of value to our members and stakeholders.

I am also happy to announce that Merridee has agreed to chair an ad hoc committee to undertake a complete governance review of the CAAA.  This initiative is critical as we refine our strategic plan, CAAA vision and mission.  We want all of these pieces to mesh and work together, thus it is important to have this review dovetail with our strategic planning process.

CAR Editor-in-Chief:

We are also very pleased to have our new editor-in-chief of CAR, Professor Mike Welker of Queen’s University in place for 2017 to take over the reins from Professor Pat O’Brien of the University of Waterloo.  CAR remains our flagship and its reputation and success are key to our ability to be the viable organization that we are and wish to remain.


Accounting Perspectives Editor-in-Chief:

We also are very happy to announce that we will be formally approving at our next CAAA Board Meeting the appointment of our new editor-in-chief of Accounting Perspectives, Professor Pascale Lapointe-Antunes of Brock University who will succeed Professor Claude Laurin of HEC.  Claude has worked tremendously to move Accounting Perspectives forward as a vehicle for our varied stakeholders, particularly to bridge the research-teaching gap.


CAAA Staff:

The professionalism of our staff enables us to deliver on our engagement to you to provide programmes and services effectively, responsively, and efficiently.  For many of us, our staff is the true face of the CAAA and our on-going link to the Association over the years.  I have received much support and assistance from our Executive Director, Mary Henricksen, Louise Laroche, Carina Hackett and Vittoria Fortunato and Amber Goldie who has recently joined us to build and maintain our web and social media presence.  Do take time to visit our website to match faces and names with roles and responsibilities.


Web Presence and Social Media:

The CAAA has dedicated major resources to the development of our new website,, which we hope will become a go-to destination for our members in search of information about the CAAA, research programmes, and teaching opportunities.  We are working diligently on this project which has consumed more time and energy than we had anticipated, particularly dealing with legacy systems and data retention.  An immediate priority is the completion of the French-language website to provide these resources in both official languages and to demonstrate our commitment to bilingualism in our service offerings.

Member Outreach:

The CAAA relies on its engaged membership.  Do be in touch if you are interested in a greater level of involvement with the CAAA and opportunities to contribute to shaping the future of the Association. I plan to continue the ‘road trip’ begun last year to meet as many of our current and potential CAAA members and to learn from you on your campus what you expect from the CAAA and how we can best serve your interests and preferences.  Let me know if you have time for a chat or if a visit to your campus might be welcome.  While I cannot visit every campus, there often are ways to combine such visits with other meetings and conferences.

Click here to email me

In the interim, I hope that you have time for rest and relaxation during the summer days ahead.

Mc Watters Sig

Cheryl S. McWatters


President's Message: December 2016

Mc Watters Sig

Cheryl S. McWatters


President's Message: February 2017

Diversity and community are essential threads of our national fabric.  In the wake of the horrific events in Quebec and their aftermath, these two parts of our shared identity can be shaken and less than secure.  Many of us have been motivated more than ever to reach out to family, friends, colleagues and strangers to reinforce our belief in their essential nature and affirm our unity.  It is easy to say, ‘what can we do?’ but most of us react otherwise.

 As academics, we have a vast array of opportunities to foster diversity and community on our own campuses, in our research networks, and in our community.  Many of us are involved in our home towns or cities, whether it be sitting on a neighbourhood committee, working with a charity, or coaching a sports team. We all have opened our doors to assist international students and faculty from around the globe to settle and find their bearings in their new home. We help out in any number of small and seemingly insignificant ways that demonstrate our commitment to creating a welcoming community.

 At the CAAA, we are also a community with diversity in terms of membership, research and teaching interests, our time and talents.  As your current president, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you over the last several months.  These chats have left me frequently humbled when I learn of the activities and contributions of our members on so many fronts – most of them done with little fanfare or expectation of recognition.  We all know these colleagues who always seem to be too busy yet willing to take on another task, another committee, another manuscript review – colleagues who make us simply tired just by listening to their agenda.


I will be the first to admit that ‘saying no’ is not my strong suit.  While not recommending or urging this attitude, as we look to this year’s CAAA conference in Montreal, I would ask that you take advantage of opportunities within the CAAA to be part of your academic community.  Accept to sit on one of our committees, represent us as your campus liaison, act as a chair or discussant at one of the conference sessions.  We all don’t have time all of the time, but perhaps we can have time some of the time!

 We have made great strides this year in fostering our networks and establishing new collaborations to enrich our programmes and activities. Our upcoming conference and its theme of ‘Fearless Disruption’ will showcase some of them.  Do be in touch with me or our president-elect Khalid Nainar to provide your input on how we can make the CAAA a vital part of your academic community. You also can keep up to date and contact the CAAA here on our website, and engage with us via Twitter

Mc Watters Sig

Cheryl S. McWatters