Accounting Perspectives (AP)

Accounting Perspectives is a peer-reviewed forum with a focus on applied research and instructional cases with teaching notes.  

The journal publishes articles on all accounting and related disciplines, in an accessible style suitable for a broad audience.  AP welcomes all theoretical and methodological perspectives. Articles, cases, and teaching notes submitted to the journal must meet the standards of rigour and relevance appropriate to the issue addressed and methodology adopted by the author.

Accounting Perspectives welcomes submissions from all over the world and seeks a global readership. The integration and adoption of international financial reporting standards, globalization of capital markets and the mobility of researchers, policy makers and practitioners make it critical to understand the experiences of other countries in developing accounting standards, corporate governance systems, business practices and public policy. The editorial board reflects and subscribes to multi-paradigm and multinational perspectives.

Accounting Perspectives uses CrossCheck for new and revised submissions across all article types to assist in the detection of similar and overlapping texts and redundancies. CrossCheck (powered by iThenticate) is a plagiarism screening service designed to help verify the originality of content submitted for publication and assists in identifying cases of misconduct.  


Pascale Lapointe Antunes is the Editor-in-Chief of Accounting Perspectives.


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Accounting Perspectives publishes quarterly on the following publication schedule: March, June, September, and December.  


Teaching notes for all cases published in AP are available for download by CAAA members.


If you should require assistance with the EM submission system or with any journal-related matter, please contact Amber Goldie.

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