Grants Awarded

The following projects have received awards from our research grant programs.


CAAA : Research Grant

MaryJane Rabier (McGill University), Ted Goodman (Purdue University), Monica Neamtiu (Baruch College) & Curtis Hall (Drexel University) The Core Components of Goodwill and Goodwill Impairments
Christian Pietsch (Saint Mary's University) & Natalia Kochetova-Kozloski (Saint Mary's University)

A Dual-Process Model of Analytical Engagement in Auditing: Detecting Inconsistencies between Other Information in Annual Reports, Financial Statements, and the Auditor's Knowledge Obtained during the Audit

Natalia Kochetova-Kozloski (Saint Mary's University) & Mohamed Drira  (University of New Brunswick)  Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills, Strategic Reasoning Training, and Auditor Skepticism


CPA Canada–CAAA: Management Accounting, Performance Management, Finance, Governance & Strategy Research
Staci Kenno, Michelle Lau & Barbara Sainty (Brock University) Budgeting at Ontario Universities – Does Strategy Matter?
Mark Anderson (University of Calgary), Rajiv Banker (Temple University), R. Murray Lindsay (University of Lethbridge) & Yan Ma (University of Calgary)  Strategic Adaptation and Risk Management in the Oil and Gas Industry


 CPA Canada–CAAA: Special Topics
Sylvie Héroux (Université du Québec à Montréal) & Mélanie Roussy (Université Laval) CORPORATE GOVERNANCE REQUIREMENTS: HAVE THEY GIVEN RISE TO A RED TAPE ERA?
Leslie Berger (Wilfrid Laurier University), Jonathan Farrar (Ryerson University) & Linda Thorne (York University)

The Impact of Monetary Incentives and Deontic Justice on Whistleblowing Reporting to Tax Agencies

Krista Fiolleau, Greg Richins & Christopher Wong (University of Waterloo) Displacing reciprocity: Managing negative reciprocal tendencies through control system design


CPA Canada–CAAA: Financial Accounting, Assurance & Tax
Jenny Zhang (Dalhousie University) & Xiaohua Fang (Georgia State University) The Association between CEO Pay Ratio and Stock Price Crash Risks
Houda Affes (TELUQ)

Cinq ans après l’adoption des IFRS : la conformité de la pratique des entreprises canadiennes à la normalisation

Wenxia Ge (University of Manitoba) & Jeong-Bon Kim (University of Waterloo) Executive Pay Disparity and the Pricing of Audit Services