L.S. Rosen Outstanding Educator Award

This Award was established in 1983 to honour Professor L.S. (Al) Rosen, the founding President of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association.

Purpose of the Award  

The L.S. Rosen Award recognizes an educator's contributions to Canadian accounting education through excellence in teaching, educational innovation, publications, guidance for students, and involvement in professional and academic societies and activities.



Any informed person or group, especially alumni, colleagues, departmental committees and provincial or national societies may submit nominations.  

Note: Current members of the CAAA Board, Committee Chairs, Editors, members of the L.S. Rosen, George Baxter and Haim Falk Awards Committees and members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible to receive this award.  

Nomination Procedure

The nomination package must include:  

  • a curriculum vitae for the nominee;  
  • a list of at least three persons considered to be thoroughly familiar with the nominee's career;  
  • and a brief statement describing how the nominee meets the general award criteria.  

Those submitting nominations are encouraged to present information gathered from students, alumni, colleagues and professional organizations. The committee will undertake to obtain whatever additional information it may require to make a decision.  

General Criteria

Contributions to Canadian accounting education over a sustained period of time through:  

  • excellence in teaching
  • publications (books, educational material, case studies, articles in magazines, etc.)  
  • educational innovation  
  • research guidance for graduate students  
  • involvement in professional and academic societies and activities  

A nominee need not have made a major contribution to every general criterion.  The Award recipient must be a member in good standing of the CAAA.


Submit nominations by email no later than February 15, 2023. 

Past Winners of the L. S. Rosen Award

Past Winners

  • 2021: Sherif Elbarrad
  • 2020: Christine Wiedman
  • 2019: Jim Barnett
  • 2018: Guylaine Duval
  • 2017: Kenneth Klassen
  • 2016: Sylvie Deslauriers
  • 2015: Sandy Hilton 
  • 2014: Theresa Libby
  • 2013: Michel Vézina 
  • 2012: Fred Phillips  
  • 2011: Alan Webb
  • 2010: Alan J. Richardson
  • 2009: No Recipient
  • 2008: Duane Kennedy
  • 2007: Donald Carter
  • 2006: J. Efrim Boritz 
  • 2005: William R. Scott  
  • 2004: W. Morley Lemon
  • 2003: V. Bruce Irvine 
  • 2002: Howard D. Teall 
  • 2001: T. Ross Archibald
  • 2000: Howard Armitage 
  • 1999: Irene M. Gordon 
  • 1998: George C. Baxter
  • 1997: Stanley L. Laiken
  • 1996: George R. Chesley
  • 1995: Nadi Chlala 
  • 1994: Norman B. Macintosh 
  • 1992: Michael Gibbins 
  • 1990: Joel H. Amernic 
  • 1989: Daniel B. Thornton
  • 1988: Réjean Brault 
  • 1987: J. David Blazouske 
  • 1986: John R. Hanna 
  • 1985: James Everil Smyth 
  • 1983: Sanjoy (Joe) Basu

Submit nominations no later than February 15, 2023.

Submit a Nomination

Award Committee  

The CAAA Nominating Committee will identify the Chair, who will select the two members of the L.S. Rosen Award Committee, annually. One member of the committee should have academic administration experience (for example, as a Department Chair or Dean). The makeup of the Committee should reflect geographic diversity to the extent possible.   

The chairperson and two other members of the Committee will solicit and receive all nominations made for the L. S. Rosen Outstanding Educator Award in the current and past year. The chairperson and the other two members will adjudicate by reviewing the nominations and accompanying materials which have been received, and will also undertake to obtain whatever additional information it may require in order to reach a decision.

L.S. Rosen Award Committee for 2022-2023 

  • Claude Laurin, HEC Montreal, (Chair)
  • Theresa Libby, University of Central Florida
  • Jim Barnett, emeritus, University of Waterloo

All nominations submitted for the first time, which do not receive the Award, will be brought forward and reconsidered the following year. In each case the nominator will be contacted to ensure that they are in agreement with this.