George Baxter Award

The Award was established in 2007 to honour the memory of Dr. George Baxter who passed away in 2002 after a lifetime of service to the accounting profession, research and education. One award will be made each year at the CAAA Annual Conference, subject to there being a worthy nomination.

Purpose of the Award   

The George Baxter Award is intended to recognize exemplary contributions to the Canadian Academic Accounting Association through articipation on the Board of Directors or through various committee and task force work that illustrates a dedication to helping CAAA accomplish its mission.


Nominations / Submissions

Any informed person or group, especially colleagues, departmental committees and provincial or national societies may submit nominations.

The individual should be (physically) resident in Canada at the time of the contribution. Current members of the CAAA Board, Committee Chairs, members of the George Baxter, Haim Falk, L.S. Rosen, and Howard Teall Awards Committees, and members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible to receive this award. In addition, current members of the Executive Committee of the CAAA Board and the George Baxter Award Committee are ineligible to receive this award during their tenure. They are also ineligible to be nominated for the three years following the end of their term.

All nominations submitted for the first time, which do not receive the Award, will be brought forward and reconsidered the following year. In each case the nominator will be contacted to ensure that they agree with this.

Nomination / Submission Procedure

The nomination package must include

  • a curriculum vitae for the nominee;
  • supporting letters from people familiar with the nominee’s CAAA contribution;
  • and a brief statement describing how the nominee meets the general award criteria of providing exemplary contributions to the CAAA over a sustained period of time.

Those submitting nominations are encouraged to present information gathered from others to support the nomination. The Committee will obtain whatever additional information it may require to make a decision.

General Criteria

Exemplary contributions to the CAAA over a sustained period of time through:

  • Membership on the Board of Directors
  • Membership on CAAA Committees
  • Membership on CAAA Task Forces
  • Editorship of CAAA journals
  • Participation at annual CAAA conferences
  • Representation of CAAA on other committees (i.e. AcSOC)
  • Other demonstrated support for the activities of the CAAA

A nominee need not have made a major contribution to every general criterion. The Award recipient must be a member in good standing of the CAAA.


Submit nominations no later than February 15, 2024.

Past Winners of the George Baxter Award

  • 2023: Maurice Gosselin
  • 2022: Irene Wiecek
  • 2021: Linda Thorne
  • 2020: None
  • 2019: Alan J. Richardson
  • 2018: No Nomination
  • 2017: Daniel Coulombe
  • 2016: Anne Fortin
  • 2015: Réal Labelle
  • 2014: Irene M. Gordon
  • 2013: No Nominations were submitted for this year.
  • 2012: No nominations were submitted for this year.
  • 2011: Leonard J. Brooks
  • 2010: Alister Mason
  • 2009: J. Efrim Boritz
  • 2008: Michael Gibbins

Submit nominations no later than February 15, 2024.

Submit a Nomination

Award Committee    

The CAAA Nominating Committee will identify the Chair, who will select the two members of the George Baxter Award Committee, annually. The makeup of the Committee should reflect geographic diversity to the extent possible.

The chairperson and the two other members of the Committee will solicit and receive all nominations made for the George Baxter Award. The
Committee will review the nominations and accompanying material which have been received and will also undertake to obtain whatever additional information it may require to reach a decision.

George Baxter Award Committee for 2023–2024

  • Jonathan Farrar, Wilfrid Laurier University, Chair
  • Nadia Genest, HEC Montréal
  • Han-Up Park, University of Saskatchewan