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Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) provides educational, professional learning and development (PLD) resources, thought leadership and other offerings on a variety of topical areas relevant to accountants in academia. Here are some of the most recent news updates, resources and events from Canada’s national business and accounting organization:


Watch the CAAA 2021 Conference session "Education Day Keynote Presentation: Preparing Future-Ready CPAs — CM2.0 is getting ready to launch!" - presented by Tami Hynes, Tim Jackson, Erin Kelly, and Irene Wiecek.


Watch the CAAA 2021 Conference session "Plenary Part 2: CAAA–CPA Canada Research Grants Information Session" - presented by Rebecca Villmann and Bertrand Malsch.


Watch the CAAA 2021 Conference session "CPA Canada session: CPA Canada Updates — PEP, learning strategies and data analytics" - presented by Sarah Gumpinger, Jennifer Reed, and Andy Thomas.


Upcoming PLD Events and Resources:

Thought leadership resources

  1. Complexity and the professional accountant: Practical guidance for ethical decision-making (Paper 1)
  2. Ethical leadership in an era of complexity and digital change: Introduction
  3. Canadian tax news and COVID-19 updates
  4. Tax blog
  5. Sustainability assurance resources
  6. Implementation tool for auditors: Revised CAS 315, risks of material misstatement
  7. Sustainability for the future
  8. Robotic process automation to cognitive automation
  9. Financial literacy podcast: Mastering Money
  10. A Canadian’s guide to money-smart living
  11. Overseeing environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters: A framework for boards
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