Our History

Vintage CAAA Black The Canadian Academic Accounting Association was incorporated on December 2, 1976.

The Canadian Academic Accounting Association: 25 Years of Progress was produced for the CAAA's silver anniversary in 2001. The project was coordinated by J. Efrim Boritz, and brings together contributions from Past Presidents of the Association with the CAAA's history, written by Alan J. Richardson.


"I offer this history with no little trepidation. It is always dangerous to give an account of events when the people involved are still around to tell you what “really” happened. I present one interpretation of the events surrounding the origins and development of the CAAA to help us appreciate what we set out to do, what we have accomplished, and where we are going. In part this is simply an accounting to CAAA members of what those entrusted with the welfare of the organization have done. More than this, however, it is an attempt to reinforce our identity as a community, to provide a perspective on the course that we have set for ourselves, and to act as a tangible part of our organizational memory. Our history helps to understand how we have come to this juncture and the possibilities that open before us.

"...this history is written as a starting point. The CAAA is a vibrant organization with far more lying ahead of it than lies behind. My aim is that this document might stimulate debate about the future and the policies and programs that will best serve the interests of members as we continue."

Alan J. Richardson

"...[the] activities of national and regional academic associations--publications, annual meetings, special conferences and seminars, the bestowing of awards, and policy outreach--are important to the continuing development of the discipline and the profession...The CAAA has had a hand in all of them, and it has performed a valuable service to Canadian academics, to the Canadian accounting profession, and to academics beyond Canada. I am confident that we will be able to say as much about the CAAA 25 years from now."

Stephen Zeff