Call for participants

Could you assist with a research study specifically looking at the impacts of COVID-19 on the success of women and/or caregivers teaching and/or researching in accounting?

The Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA), along with Deloitte, are funding this project and the research will be published in Accounting Perspectives and presented at the CAAA Annual Conference.  My hope with this project is that it gives voice to issues that have arisen since COVID-19 began.

Participants are asked to write a 750 - 1,000 word submission addressing the following questions by late May, 2021.  The anonymous submission will be included in the published research study.

  1. What specific changes have occurred in your life in the last year due to the pandemic that impact your teaching and researching agendas?
  2. What are the short-term (6-18 months) and projected long-term (18 months – 5 years) implications of these changes?
  3. What would help you address the impact of COVID-19 in the areas described?

Two asks of you:

  1. Would you write a submission for this study?
  2. If you know of other profs teaching and/or researching in the area of accounting would you be able to forward this page url to them?

Download the participant consent form

Contact the author

Late May 2021 would be the latest date possible to submit a contribution. 

Thanks again for your consideration and any help you can provide on this project.

Lindsay McLachlan, Brandon University