Python Primer for Accounting Research

Friday, October 22, 2021

Organizer: EAA Education Committee
Dates: December 7, 2021
Location: Online
Category: Educational Course / Workshop

Instructor: Dr Martien Lubberink, Victoria University of Wellington

Live Q&A event for entry level: December 07, 2021, at 10-11 am CET


This is an introductory course focused on the use of Python for accounting research. The course introduces participants to Python and the level of coding will be basic to intermediate. The course will also devote attention to the wider Python infrastructure that helps participants to solve problems and learn from others: StackoverflowJupyterGithub.

Later on in the course, participants will learn to manage, munge, and analyze data, as well as present results using eye-candy graphs. The focus will be on analysing and presenting financial accounting data, all of which will be resourced from high-quality publicly available data.

All code will be presented using visually appealing Jupyter notebooks.

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