Call for Cases: Case Writers' Roundtable

Ap Special Event 2017


In this full-day session, participants will workshop their cases-in-progress via roundtable discussions, hear presentations from leading case writers, and debate real vs. realistic cases in accounting education. Participants will leave the session with valuable feedback to improve their cases, and a deeper understanding of developing and delivering case-based instruction.  


Pascale Lapointe-Antunes, Editor in Chief, Accounting Perspectives, Goodman School of Business


Norman Sheehan, Edwards School of Business: Using Design Thinking to Write and Publish Teaching Cases: Tips for Aspiring Case Authors

Chris Sturby, Ivey Business School: Writing Effective Cases Across Each of the CPA Technical Competency Areas

How to Participate

Submit your case-in-progress (English or French) via email to using the guidelines below. Cases may be submitted in a draft format, providing they will be ready, and include teaching notes, by May 2017. Submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Download the call for cases

You will benefit most from this session if you:

- Are new to case writing
- Are an experienced case author looking to innovate with unusual case development
- Are keen to improve your teaching note preparation to complement your case writing

Case Submission Guidelines

Submitted cases:

• Must be the author’s original work.
• May be real (based on real events, people, and organizations), or fictional but representing real problems.
• May have been previously used in the classroom, but not submitted, accepted for publication or published elsewhere prior to the Conference.
• Should not exceed 30 pages (including exhibits, grouped at the end)
• Should have a separate cover page with title, author name, email, and affiliation, email and acknowledgments and information on grants received. Authors should not identify themselves within the case or teaching notes.

By submitting a case, you are agreeing that if it is accepted, at least one author will attend the CAAA Conference and particpate in the roundtable.

Teaching Notes guidelines

Teaching notes should include:

•  A brief summary of the case (one page maximum).
•  Learning objectives and implementation guidance (courses the case is best suited for; level of student maturity required).
•  Research methods (disclose how the information was gathered; relationship between the author and the organization and/or protagonists; extent to which information in the case had to be disguised).
•  Classroom testing (if applicable)
•  Teaching plan (necessary preparation, style of classroom approach, assignments or classroom discussion questions).


Submissions should be sent via email to on or before February 17, 2017. There are no submission fees. Acceptance notifications will be sent by March 4, 2017.

By submitting a case, you are agreeing that if it is accepted, at least one author will attend the CAAA Conference and particpate in the roundtable.

Submissions should be sent via email to

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal!
Pascale Lapointe-Antunes
Editor-in-Chief, Accounting Perspectives

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