25th Annual Ethics Workshop

Issues of Diversity Facing Accounting Academics

at the 2021 Canadian Accounting Association Annual Conference

Thursday, June 10, 2021
11:00 am – 12:30 pm

The Centre for Accounting Ethics of the University of Waterloo will be presenting a virtual workshop on Issues of Diversity Facing Accounting Academics.

The issue of diversity within accounting academia is many facetted. The need to increase diversity in research avenues, teaching curriculum, and within the accounting profession are only a few of the important areas. This session has been designed to provide attendees with a brief introduction to some areas where research, education and the profession are starting to address diversity. The Centre for Accounting Ethics invites all CAAA conference attendees to its annual workshop to join the discussion on the developments on diversity within the academic and professional setting.

It is our hope that you will come away from the workshop with questions and resources which you can further explore to enable you to be a part of the needed transformations.      

Dr. Maureen Sterling from the Odette School of Business will discuss her joint work with Dr. Russell Evans, also from the Odette School of Business, on addressing issues of indigenizing accounting courses. Not only will Dr. Sterling’s discussion provide us with valuable insights into how we can incorporate their insights into our own courses. She will also provide us with a wonderful opportunity to complete a CPA PEP module on Indigenous culture as preparation for the session. This module will add to our knowledge and increase our awareness of indigenous issues while also providing us with a certificate of completion. 

Dr. Bertrand Malsch, from the Smith School of Business, will discuss issues of diversity in accounting research publication. Dr. Malsch was on the CAAA committee on diversity in publications and will talk about the issues identified by the group and the steps already underway to address these issues. 

Stephenie Fox, VP of Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards Canada and Executive Sponsor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council for CPA Canada, will highlight the issues facing the accounting profession in the area of diversity and inclusion. She will discuss projects currently underway by the profession to address these issues.

Registrants who wish to attend the Ethics Workshop are asked to complete CPA Canada’s one-hour on-demand webinar, Introduction to Indigenous Peoples Culture, which may be found at this link:


Completion of this module results in the award of a Certificate of Completion and gives a brief high-quality introduction to some of the topics to be addressed in this workshop. 


Time Zone: EDT, Quebec
11:00 – 11:10

Welcome & Announcements by Krista Fiolleau, Centre for Accounting Ethics

11:10 – 11:40

Indigenizing Accounting Curriculum
Presented by Dr. Maureen Sterling

11:40 – 12:05

Diversity Issues in Publication
Presented by Dr. Bertrand Malsch

12:05 – 12:25
Diversity within the Accounting Profession
Presented by Stephenie Fox, VP of Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards Canada
Executive Sponsor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council CPA Canada

If you have any questions, please contact Krista Fiolleau at krista.fiolleau@uwaterloo.ca or Jenny Rothwell at jrothwell@uwaterloo.ca.

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