Q: The conference schedule looks different this year. Why?

A: We act on the feedback we get from our delegates and stakeholders! This year’s changes are in response to comments and requests from the post-conference survey and from our conversations with delegates. We know we can trust our members to give change a good chance, and we look forward to hearing your reactions.

Q: So what’s happening?

A: Thursday’s PD Day looks like a ‘traditional’ conference day. Start with breakfast in the banquet room, then head down to the conference floor to register and go to your chosen workshop. Coffee breaks will be taken in the conference foyer with our friendly exhibitors, and lunch is back upstairs in the banquet room.

The Friday and Saturday schedules now mirror each other to better help you organize your conference. Each day begins with a light, pick-it-up breakfast (pastries, fruit, muffins) in the conference foyer so you can wander and network with exhibitors and colleagues, get your badge and program, and orient yourself and your sessions for the day. Keynote presentations in the banquet room start the program on both days.

Q: And… “brunch”? “Tea”?

A: You had a light breakfast and plunged right on into the day. So we’re putting our lunches a little earlier to keep you well-fuelled. Friday’s CAAA Awards and Recognition Brunch in particular will be a special one. We have so much to celebrate! The conference day on Friday will close with a light tea followed by an all-conference panel session (members then stay on for the AGM).

Saturday’s brunch is also followed by an all-conference session – you just have to stay right in your seat and pour another coffee. If you didn’t come to our closing pixiedust tea in 2018 you missed a real treat, one we are looking forward to offering again in 2019. Our Ottawa conference Chairs will hand over the baton to our Saskatoon Chairs as we look forward to CAAA 2020.

Q: Where is all this happening, again?

A: Thursday: Breakfast and lunch in the banquet hall, coffee breaks in the conference foyer

Friday & Saturday: Breakfasts in the conference foyer, brunch and tea in the banquet room

CAAA and hotel staff, and CAAA Board members, will be on hand to show you around and help you get to the right place at the right time.

If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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