Sustainability in Turbulent Times

In keeping with the theme of our conference, please consider:

  • bringing your own cup for coffee breaks
  • recycling your badge holder, lanyard and conference program (bins will be provided at the hotel checkout)
  • Taking our shuttle to the Friday evening social event at the Johnson GEO Centre

As we work to make the CAAA Conference as sustainable as possible, we bring you the following details fom the Delta St. John's Hotel and Conference Centre:

Energy Consumption

The facility uses motion sensor lighting, avoiding lengthy periods of unnecessary electricity

Energy efficient machinery is used in the laundry department

F&B drops to the facility are maximized, to limit the number of supplier deliveries

Plates, silverware and service equipment has been sourced through companies which were mandated to have stellar green and environmental programs in place



Organic food and paper waste is ground, then separated from its liquid and then dehydrated – this reduces the amount of waste going to land fill as waste water goes back into sewage treatment plants and food dries into a lighter weight and compostable condition

No Styrofoam products are used



Pens are manufactured with 10% recycled materials

All electronic components and printer inks are recycled at the nearest electronics recycle facility

Paper, glass, metal and plastic are recycled through third party company

Cardboard is baled and strapped and sent to waste facility for proper handling

The hotel participates in donating items no longer needed to Habitat for Humanity

Recycling buckets are provided in all of our guest rooms

Food & Drink

Delta uses Starbucks Coffee, which has been fairtrade certified since 2000

Suppliers are local when possible for both food and beverage