Call for Nominations: Inductees

The Canadian Accounting Hall of Fame (CAHF) recognizes and honours individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the Canadian accounting profession or, as Canadians, have made contributions to the development of accounting elsewhere in the world. These contributions may have been in practice (including auditing, financial reporting, management accounting, taxation, corporate governance, and accounting related consultancy), through professional associations, regulatory bodies, or through academic pursuits.

The nominations deadline is Friday, November 11, 2022

Download the form to nominate an inductee to the CAHF.

Nomination Categories

A nominations committee consisting of the Director of the Canadian Accounting Hall of Fame and two members of the Board of Electors will normally create a list of no more than 4 nominees in each of two categories:

(a)   Founders of the Profession - including individuals who have made a contribution to the early development of the profession. This category provides an opportunity for the Canadian Hall of Fame to recognize contributions that are not within living memory. This category may be discontinued if, in the opinion of the Director, in consultation with the CAAA Executive, all of the significant early contributors have been recognized.

(b)   Leaders of the Profession - includes individuals, living or dead, who have made a significant contribution within living memory.

During the first five years of the CAHF, the Director, in consultation with the CAAA President and Board of Electors, may expand the number of nominees/inductees to recognize exceptional candidates and to establish a critical mass of inductees.

How to Nominate

A call for nominees to the CAHF is issued by the Director each fall.

Nominations, with supporting documentation, will be accepted from any interested party and may be included among the set of nominees at the discretion of the nominations committee.

Download the form to nominate an inductee to the CAHF.

Nominations Criteria

The nominee must have made significant contributions to accounting in Canada (regardless of whether or not the person is a Canadian citizen).


The nominee, as a Canadian, has made significant contributions to accounting internationally.

The nominee may be living or dead.

In keeping with the intended status of induction to the CAHF, the nominee’s contribution to accounting must be documented, and demonstrate a level of contribution that rises well beyond the expectations of a “normal” career in the inductee’s area of expertise. Normally, the file should demonstrate an impact on one or more of practice, education, research, or the institutional structure of accounting. Prior receipt of more specialized awards would be one possible indicator of contributions rising beyond normal career expectations.

Other Nominations Procedures

The nominations committee shall undertake appropriate research to generate a list of nominees should the number and/or quality of nominees from external parties be deemed insufficient. This may include reviewing nominees for induction from the previous three years.

The nominations committee may be assisted in their work by an advisory board consisting of:

            (a) living members of the CAHF

            (b) senior members of the profession, by invitation of the Director

            (c) senior academics, by invitation of the Director.

Normally, given these procedures, one or more worthy candidates will be identified and inducted into the CAHF each year. However, if the nominations committee believes that no suitable candidate has been identified, no election will be held that year.

The nominations and elections process of the CAHF are confidential. Decisions of the nominations committee and Board of Electors may not be appealed.

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