Haim Falk Award

The Award, established in 1987, was renamed in 1989 to honour Professor Haim Falk, founding Editor of the CAAA Journal, Contemporary Accounting Research. One award will be made each year at the CAAA Annual Conference, subject to there being a worthy winner.            

Purpose of the Award

The Haim Falk Award is intended to stimulate scholarly thinking and research in Canada by giving widespread recognition to excellence in scholarly achievement that clearly contributes to the advancement of accounting thought.



Any informed person or group, especially colleagues, departmental committees, other researchers, and provincial or national societies may submit nominations.

The author or authors should be resident in Canada at the time of the contribution, and may be involved in any aspect of public, industrial, or governmental accounting or academia.

Current members of the CAAA Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, Editors, members of the Haim Falk, L.S. Rosen and George Baxter Awards Committees, and members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible to receive this award.

Nominations Procedure

The nomination package must include

  • the nominee name (including his/her current address);  
  • a clear identification of the body of work to be considered; and
  • a brief statement describing how the body of work meets the criteria.   

Those submitting nominations are encouraged to present information gathered from others to support the nomination. The Committee will obtain whatever additional information it may require to make a decision.


A body of work, including articles, monographs, books or other works published in English or French over the candidate’s career, which are judged to have made, or to be likely to make, a distinct and valuable contribution to the advancement of accounting thought.  

The contribution of the body of work may be in respect of any aspect of accounting in its broadest sense, including financial and managerial accounting, auditing, tax, and related areas. The work may be theoretical, empirical, applied, or educational in nature.

Criteria for judging works include:

  • Originality and innovative content.
  • The relevance of the subject to accounting theory, practice or education, or the advancement of research methods in accounting.
  • The contribution to accounting knowledge.
  • The impact that the body of work has had on further research or positive developments in accounting, and/or the likelihood that the body of work will stimulate such benefits in the future.  
  • Consistency of contribution over time


The Award recipient must be a member in good standing of the CAAA.


Submit nominations no later than February 15, 2023.

Past Winners of the Haim Falk Award

  • 2021: Kenneth Klassen
  • 2020: None
  • 2019: Yves Gendron
  • 2018: J. Efrim Boritz
  • 2017: Partha Mohanram
  • 2016: Jeffrey Pittman
  • 2015: Dean Neu
  • 2014: Ole-Kristian Hope
  • 2013: Jean Bédard
  • 2012: J. Alex Milburn
  • 2011: Michael A. Welker
  • 2010: Karim Jamal
  • 2009: Patricia C. O'Brien
  • 2008: Steven E. Salterio
  • 2007: Gordon D. Richardson
  • 2006: Jeffrey Callen
  • 2005: David Cooper
  • 2003: Michael Gibbins
  • 2001: Dan A. Simunic
  • 1998: Norman B. Macintosh
  • 1994: Gerald A. Feltham
  • 1992: George J. Murphy
  • 1991: Richard V. Mattessich
  • 1990: Ross M. Skinner
  • 1989: Anthony A. Atkinson
  • 1988: William R. Scott
  • 1987: Daniel B. Thornton

Submit nominations no later than February 15, 2023.

Submit a Nomination

Awards Committee

The CAAA Nominating Committee will identify the Chair, who will select the two members of the Haim Falk Award Committee annually. The makeup of the Committee should reflect geographic diversity to the extent possible.

The chairperson and the two other members of the Committee will solicit and receive all nominations made for the Haim Falk for Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Thought. The Committee will review the nominations and accompanying material which have been received and will also undertake to obtain whatever additional information it may require to reach a decision.

Haim Falk Award Committee for 2022–2023

  • Irene Herremans, University of Calgary, (Chair)

Committee to be announced.

All nominations submitted for the first time, which do not receive the Award, will be brought forward and reconsidered the following year. In each case the nominator will be contacted to ensure that they are in agreement with this.