Howard Teall Innovation in Accounting Education Award

This Award honours Professor Howard Teall, an outstanding educator with the ability to instill an understanding and appreciation for accounting in very diverse audiences – professional accounting students, business students, and practicing managers. He was the recipient of the CAAA's L. S. Rosen Award in 2002 for his continuous and impressive record of teaching excellence, innovative educational practices, and contributions to research and publication.

Purpose of the Award

The Howard Teall Award recognizes an individual who goes "above and beyond" to create original learning activities and to motivate students to pursue future learning opportunities, and has a unique and innovative approach to accounting education.

Nominations / Submissions

Individuals who would like their work to be considered for the Howard Teall Award may submit a description of their education initiative using the procedure outlined below.

Submitters (or at least one person in a group of submitters) must be CAAA members.

Current members of the CAAA Board, Committee Chairs, members of the Howard Teall, George Baxter, Haim Falk, and L.S. Rosen Awards Committees and members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible to receive this award.

Individuals may submit an updated description of their education initiative in any subsequent year.

Nomination / Submission Procedure

The submission package should:

  • identify the course in which the activity was experienced
  • explain why you developed this learning activity
  • state the learning outcomes pursued
  • describe the instructional strategies used
  • expose the evaluation criteria and grading methods applied (if any)
  • briefly discuss the results achieved.

The submission package should be a maximum of 4 pages. To preserve anonymity, submit the cover page (with name and contact information) and the remainder of the proposal separately.

Winners are expected to attend the CAAA Annual Conference to present a workshop on their activity, and the Awards Luncheon during the conference.


The Award seeks to recognize educators who: motivate students with original learning activities, seek and employ new ways to encourage students to pursue future learning opportunities, and have a unique and innovative approach to accounting education.

Prizes will be awarded only if submissions of deserving quality (in either French or English) are received. The winners will be selected in a blind review process.


The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2023.

Past Winners of the Howard Teall Award


First place: Enhancing Digital Readiness in Accounting Curriculum through Industry-University Experiential Learning Consulting Projects by Clarence Goh, Yuanto Kusnadi, Benjamin Lee and Gary Pan, Singapore Management University


First place: Beyond the figures: Stimulating the ethical reflection of tomorrow’s accountants by Cynthia Courtois and Claire-France Picard, Université Laval

Runner-up: Financial Statement Analysis: An Online and Interactive Digital Learning Resource for Learning Accounting by Yuanto Kusnadi and Gary Pan, Singapore Management University


First Place: Mastering Excel Skills: A Web-Based Self-Marking Application, by Sherif Elbarrad, MacEwan University


First Place: Using a Student‐Generated Video Project to Teach Internal Controls, by Poh-Sun Seow, Singapore Management University

Runner-Up: Using animated videos to teach Principles of Financial Accounting, by Sherif Elbarrad, MacEwan University


First Place: Bienvenue à Virtual'Or, première ville digitale ! La ludification d'un cours en ligne en comptabilité de base, by Audrey Bistodeau and Martin Dubuc, Université du Québec à Trois- Rivières

Second Place (a tie): Using a paper-based simulation game to teach the principles of cost accounting, by Sherif Elbarrad and Frank Saccucci, MacEwan University 

Second Place: ACE (Accounting Challenge) Mobile-gaming app, by Poh-Sun Seow and Suay-Peng Wong, Singapore Management University


First Place: Projet d'intervention en comptabilité dans un contexte de coopération en développement international, by Nicolas Blais, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Second Place (a tie): Financial Literacy Workshop Development, Adaptation and Delivery, by Mary Oxner, Saint Francis Xavier University

Second Place: Flipped Classroom: Supporting teaching and student learning through course videos, by Steve Janz, SAIT


First Place: For educators who go "above and beyond" to create original learning activities and to motivate students to pursue future learning opportunities, with unique and innovative approaches to accounting education, by Stephen Bergstrom, SAIT

Second Place: Advanced Management Accounting Sustainability, by Steve Janz, SAIT


First Place: Turn the Tables, by Sylvie Deslauriers, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Second Place: Consolidations and Excel, by Stephen Bergstrom, SAIT

Third Place: Intro to Accounting: Smarties Activities, by Leanne Vig, Red Deer College


First Place: Identifying and Managing Control System Benefits and Costs, by Norman Sheehan, University of Saskatchewan

Second Place: A Course Designed to Help Students Succeed in their Accounting Studies, by Sylvie Deslauriers, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


First Place: Learning Activity: Costs & Cost Management in the Fresh Egg Industry – "The Cost of an Egg," by Mary M. Oxner, St. Francis Xavier University

Second Place: Improving Accounting Students’ Ethical Decision Making: ‘Developing Professional Codes of Conduct Based on Personl Values’,  by Norman Sheehan, University of Saskatchewan


First Place: Learning by Doing and Reviewing, by Fred Phillips, University of Saskatchewan

Second Place: Learning Activities for the Chairmans Multitude of Measurement Techniques, by Brian Conheady, University of Ottawa 


First Place: Modeling Accounting Workplace Interactions with Text-to-Video Animation, by Fred Philips and Norman T. Sheehan, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

Second Place: Ethics Special Assignment by Joseph Faello, Lakehead University


First Place: Philanthropy in Accounting Education, by Marsha Huber, Youngstown State University, and Shirine Mafi, Otterbein University 

Second Place: Berries for Breakfast: A Teaching Analogy for the Audit Risk Model, by Chris Burnley, Vancouver Island University


First Place: An Innovative Technology-Based IFRS Student Video Competition: Experientially Connecting to IFRS Expert Guest Speakers, by Mark Holtzblatt, Roosevelt University, and Norbert Tschakert, University of the Virgin Islands

Second Place: Dr. PC: A Multi-media Management Control Exercise, by Norman Sheehan and Ganesh Vaidyanathan, University of Saskatchewan


First Place: Intermediate Financial Accounting Simulation, by Fred Pries, University of Guelph

Second Place: Speak Up: Redesigning Student Oral Presentations in Management Accounting Curriculum, by Mary Oxner, Saint Francis Xavier University

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2024.

Submit a full proposal

Awards Committee

The CAAA Nominating Committee will identify the Chair, who will select the two members of the Howard Teall Award Committee annually. The
makeup of the Committee should reflect geographic diversity to the extent possible.

The chairperson and the two other members of the Committee will solicit and receive all submissions made for the Howard Teall Award for Innovation in Education. The Committee will review the submissions and accompanying material which have been received and will also undertake to obtain whatever additional information it may require to reach a decision.

2023-2024 Howard Teall Award Committee

The CAAA Education Committee identifies the Chair, who then identifies additional members of the Committee annually.

  • Sandra Iacobelli, York University (Chair)
  • Anna Czegledi (Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning)
  • Eloisa Perez (MacEwan University)
  • Ralph Tassone (University of Toronto)
  • Luis García Vargas (York University)

Download the 2016 Howard Teall Award winners' session resources:

Turning the Tables on Marking

Sylvie Deslauriers, UQTR

Introduction to Accounting: Smarties Activity

Leanne Vig, Red Deer College