Call for Nominations: Inductees

Nominations are welcomed from leaders of accounting associations, regulatory bodies, accounting firms, professional accountants and the general public.


The Canadian Accounting Hall of Fame (CAHF) recognizes and honours individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the Canadian accounting profession or, as Canadians, have made contributions to the development of accounting elsewhere in the world. These contributions may have been in practice (including assurance, financial reporting, management accounting, taxation, corporate governance, and accounting related consultancy), through professional associations, regulatory bodies, or through academic pursuits.

In addition to its role in recognizing individual contributions, the CAHF is conceived as a curated biographical history of accounting in Canada. This resource will benefit students and practitioners in developing their understanding of accounting in Canada, and reinforces the role that accounting has played, and continues to play, in the development of Canadian society.

The Canadian Accounting Hall of Fame had its first inductees in 2021.


Nominations should be submitted no later than November 8, 2024. Mailed nominations postmarked by this date will be accepted.

Nominations of Inductees

Nominations of inductees to the CAHF are sought in two categories:

(a) Founders of the Profession - including individuals who have made a contribution to the early development of the profession. This category provides an opportunity for the CAHF to recognize contributions that are not within living memory.

(b) Leaders of the Profession - including individuals who have made a significant contribution within living memory.

Election to the CAHF shall be based on the following criteria:

(a) The nominee may be living or dead;

(b) The nominee has made significant contributions to accounting in Canada (regardless of whether or not the person is a Canadian citizen);


(c) The nominee, as a Canadian, has made significant contributions to accounting internationally.

In keeping with the intended status of induction to the CAHF, the nominee’s contribution to accounting must be documented, and demonstrate a level of contribution that rises well beyond the expectations of a “normal” career in the inductee’s area of expertise. Normally, the nomination should document an impact on one or more of practice, education, research, or the institutional structure of accounting. Prior receipt of more specialized awards would be one possible indicator of contributions rising beyond normal career expectations.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations, with supporting documentation, will be accepted from any interested party. The nomination process is confidential.

Please fill in the following form, and send it as an attachment with your detailed nomination based on the criteria above and using the nomination items mentioned below, to or mail to:

1 Dundas Street West
Suite 2500
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3


Nominations should be submitted no later than November 8, 2024.

Mailed nominations postmarked by this date will be accepted.

Nomination Items

In order to encourage reasonable consistency between the nominations of inductees and to facilitate comparisons between them, the CAHF Nominations Committee requires the use of the headings set out below.

Headings to be used for every nomination:

  • Career overview (details of the contributions are to be listed in the categories below)
  • Recognition/Honours

Optional headings for use where applicable:

  • Contributions to Canadian and International accounting bodies (e.g., committee service or office bearer)
  • Contributions to accounting education (e.g., teaching, articles/books, presentations, administration, or funding scholarships/chairs) 
  • Contributions to the profession in the business community and government (e.g., public practice, corporate and government employment, and directorships in public companies)
  • Contributions to not-for-profit organizations other than educational institutions (e.g., employment or committee service).
  • Other contributions (e.g., books aimed at a business audience) Letters of support for nominations of candidates for induction are encouraged but are not required.


The purpose of the data collected via this form and the nomination materials is for the selection of Inductees to the Canadian Accounting Hall of Fame and to communicate with the nominator and nominee on this subject. The CAAA’s privacy statement may be found at /who-we-are/online-policies/.

Download the form to nominate an inductee to the CAHF.


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