Call for Nominations: Board of Electors

The Board of Electors is responsible for reviewing nominations of potential inductees to the Canadian Accounting Hall of Fame and selecting candidates for induction from the pool of nominations.

The Board of Electors consists of individuals representing practicing accountants, academics, management accountants and others with a direct interest in the development of the accounting profession in Canada.

Members serve staggered terms of three years and may be reappointed for a maximum of two consecutive terms. They are selected from the nominated candidates by the Director of the CAHF in consultation with the CAAA President. Self-nominations are accepted for the Board of Electors.

Download the form to nominate a member of the CAHF Board of Electors.

The following are the criteria for appointment to the CAHF Board of Electors:

(a) Willingness to advance the interests of the CAHF;
(b) A national or international reputation in accounting;
(c) Contribute to diversity within the Board of Electors, as much as possible, on geographic location within Canada, competence in Canada’s official languages, functional speciality within accounting, and gender; and
(d) Active nominees to the CAHF are not eligible to serve as Electors, but Inductees are eligible to serve as Electors.

The nomination should document how the nominee meets these criteria. Self-nominations are accepted.

The nominations deadline is Friday, November 11, 2022.

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