Prix Haim Falk pour une contribution remarquable à la pensée comptable

La distinction que décerne l’ACPC depuis 1987 pour une contribution remarquable à la pensée comptable a pris, en 1989, le nom du professeur Haim Falk, en hommage au rédacteur en chef fondateur de la revue de l’ACPC Recherche comptable contemporaine.     

Finalité du prix

Le prix Haim Falk vise à promouvoir la réflexion et la recherche en comptabilité au Canada, en soulignant publiquement l’excellence de travaux d’érudition ayant manifestement contribué à l’avancement de la pensée comptable.

Mises en candidature


Any informed person or group, especially colleagues, departmental committees, other researchers, and provincial or national societies may submit nominations.

The author or authors should be resident in Canada at the time of the contribution, and may be involved in any aspect of public, industrial, or governmental accounting or academia.

Current members of the CAAA Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, Editors, members of the Haim Falk, L.S. Rosen and George Baxter Awards Committees, and members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible to receive this award.

Nominations Procedure

The nomination package must include

  • the nominee name (including his/her current address);  
  • a clear identification of the body of work to be considered; and
  • a brief statement describing how the body of work meets the criteria.   

Those submitting nominations are encouraged to present information gathered from others to support the nomination. The Committee will obtain whatever additional information it may require to make a decision.


A body of work, including articles, monographs, books or other works published in English or French over the candidate’s career, which are judged to have made, or to be likely to make, a distinct and valuable contribution to the advancement of accounting thought.  

The contribution of the body of work may be in respect of any aspect of accounting in its broadest sense, including financial and managerial accounting, auditing, tax, and related areas. The work may be theoretical, empirical, applied, or educational in nature.

Criteria for judging works include:

  • Originality and innovative content.
  • The relevance of the subject to accounting theory, practice or education, or the advancement of research methods in accounting.
  • The contribution to accounting knowledge.
  • The impact that the body of work has had on further research or positive developments in accounting, and/or the likelihood that the body of work will stimulate such benefits in the future.  
  • Consistency of contribution over time


The Award recipient must be a member in good standing of the CAAA.


Submit nominations no later than February 15, 2021.

Past Winners of the Haim Falk Award

  • 2020: None
  • 2019: Yves Gendron
  • 2018: J. Efrim Boritz
  • 2017: Partha Mohanram
  • 2016: Jeffrey Pittman
  • 2015: Dean Neu
  • 2014: Ole-Kristian Hope
  • 2013: Jean Bédard
  • 2012: J. Alex Milburn
  • 2011: Michael A. Welker
  • 2010: Karim Jamal
  • 2009: Patricia C. O'Brien
  • 2008: Steven E. Salterio
  • 2007: Gordon D. Richardson
  • 2006: Jeffrey Callen
  • 2005: David Cooper
  • 2003: Michael Gibbins
  • 2001: Dan A. Simunic
  • 1998: Norman B. Macintosh
  • 1994: Gerald A. Feltham
  • 1992: George J. Murphy
  • 1991: Richard V. Mattessich
  • 1990: Ross M. Skinner
  • 1989: Anthony A. Atkinson
  • 1988: William R. Scott
  • 1987: Daniel B. Thornton

Les propositions de candidatures doivent être adressées au plus tard le 15, février 2021. 

Soumettre une nomination

Le comité des mises en candidature nomme chaque année le président du comité du prix Haim Falk. L’un des membres du comité doit posséder une expérience en gestion universitaire (à titre de chef de département ou de doyen, par exemple). La composition du comité doit refléter, dans la mesure du possible, la diversité géographique de l’ACPC.

Composition du comité du prix Haim Falk 2020–2021

  • Vaughan Radcliffe, Universté Western, président