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Education Workshops


Education Workshop 1: Access Unlimited: Adapting to Students' Needs

Presented by Houda Affes, TELUQ

About this session

The increase in the student population with invisible disabilities (attention disorder, learning disability, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), mental health disorder, etc.) is evident in all Quebec universities. In this context, how can the university adapt to take into account the variety of grasp and engagement of a learner on the cognitive, metacognitive, strategic and emotional levels? This workshop will aim to introduce you to the principles of universal design of learning combined with web accessibility standards.

Certain means have already been put in place at the Technopegagogical Service of TELUQ University in order to adapt to this new reality. From concrete examples, you will discover how to immerse your students in a universal environment in terms of resources, strategies, learning activities, assessments and modes of representation. Our goal will therefore be to equip you so that you can offer learning scenarios that take into account all students, regardless of their profile.

Annual Ethics Workshop

Presented by The Centre for Accounting Ethics, University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance

Session description coming soon!

Education Workshop 2: Academic Integrity

Presented by Heidi Dieckmann, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Session description coming soon!

Education Workshop 3: Bringing Diversity into the Course Curriculum

Presented by Ralph Tassone, University of Toronto, and Michael Kasprzak, Assistant Director of the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, University of Toronto

About this session

As educators it is important that we create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for our students.  The focus of the session will be to discuss best practices and share experiences on how to reach every student through inclusive curriculum development. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen and ask questions, and to engage in meaningful discussion with others via breakout rooms. Attendees will leave the session with ideas and strategies on how to make their curriculum more diverse. 


Education Workshop: Creating Diverse, Equitable and Welcoming Learning Environments in Accounting Education

Presented by Lisa Powell, Alessandro Ghio, & Nick Mcguigan, Monash University

About this session

This workshop will explore, collaboratively with participants, best practice on nurturing and facilitating diversity in the classroom. Participants will explore in detail the pedagogical principles of Baxter-Magolda’s (1992; 1999) Constructivist-Developmental Pedagogy and investigate how they can be practically applied to accounting education, actively designing learning experiences about diversity for students.

The workshop will explore four key principles for generating modes of education based on a queer accounting pedagogy, including creating space for imagination, allowing students to feel discomfort, providing for reflexivity, and letting go of control. This queer accounting pedagogy can bring possibilities for broader classroom inquiry, democratic participation, meaningful dialogue, and mutually respectful ways of learning and teaching. More broadly, experiencing a queer accounting pedagogy facilitates anti-normative ways of thinking and acting, ultimately developing the creative and critical skills required of the future accounting professional.

Participants will leave with practical tools that assist in facilitating diverse, equitable and welcoming learning spaces, in and out of the classroom, that they can apply directly to their own diverse institutional contexts.


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