Benefits of Becoming a Member

The CAAA has taken the leading role in pursuing the interests of Canadian accounting personnel within the academic and professional scene. Research is sponsored, funds are raised in support of research, and an accounting education program has been developed. Membership in the CAAA makes you a part of this effort.  

Every CAAA member receives:

  • Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR)—the CAAA pure research journal, published quarterly;
  • A copy of each new CAAA research monograph and special report when issued;
  • A newsletter (electronically three times a year);
  • Accounting Perspectives (AP)—the applied research journal, published quarterly;
  • Online directory of members;
  • Service at the CAAA website at, including free access to the electronic versions of the two CAAA journals;
  • Enrolment in the CAAA administration newsgroup, used by the CAAA to update members with important news; and
  • Reduced submission fees for articles submitted to CAR or AP.

Members of the CAAA are eligible to participate in the following:  

  • The CAAA's annual conference;
  • Occasional special conferences and workshops on education and research;
  • Grants in support of research; and
  • Standing and special committees of the Association.

CAAA Annual Conference

The Association's annual conference activities include: 

  • Presentation and discussion of research papers in the fields of accounting, auditing, tax, and education by Canadian academics and professionals;
  • A concurrent stream of education-based topics of interest to all accounting educators;
  • Presentations of contemporary topics by distinguished guest speakers;
  • Receptions and gatherings important to networking among colleagues;
  • A book fair by Canadian book and software publishers of accounting and business material;
  • A PD day (education/practice-oriented) on the day before the regular conference starts;
  • A Ph.D./Junior Faculty workshop on the day before the regular conference starts.
  • The CAAA offers a subsidy of up to $500 to a maximum of 10 full-time Ph.D. students attending a Canadian university.

Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) Journal and Annual Conference

Contemporary Accounting Research is the world-renowned quarterly journal of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association. Published since Autumn 1984, it provides a forum for the publication of high-quality research of interest to the Canadian accounting community. A two-day conference is held each year, which is by invitation only. The conference has added a Ph.D. consortium for Ph.D. students and junior faculty at Canadian institutions on the day preceding the conference. The CAAA offers a subsidy of up to $500 to a maximum of 10 full-time Ph.D. students attending a Canadian university.

Accounting Perspectives (AP) Journal

Accounting Perspectives , formerly titled Canadian  Accounting Perspectives (CAP), is published quarterly. Accounting Perspectives is the leading forum for applied research on the discipline and practice of accounting. The primary focus of applied research is the search for solutions to current issues in the field. The journal publishes original research, analysis, and commentary of interest to academics, practitioners, financial analysts, financial executives, regulators, and accounting policy makers. In addition, it publishes educational articles and instructional cases.

Canadian Accounting Education and Research News

All members have access to an electronic triannual newsletter entitled Canadian Accounting Education and Research News, in French or in English, as desired. The newsletter reports on relevant CAAA events, research opportunities, relations with granting agencies, professional activities and announcements involving members and their associates and other topics relevant to the membership.  

Further information on the above publications are available on the CAAA web site at  

Research Funding

Members are encouraged to submit proposals for various projects on research topics. These proposals are evaluated by the CAAA Research Committee, which makes the awards from programs sponsored by the CAAA, partner organizations, or others.  

Liaison Committees

Through its executive, the CAAA performs a liaison role with The American Accounting Association and The European Accounting Association, as well as with organizations such as The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, The Federation of Deans of Management and Administrative Studies, and The Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. In addition, the CAAA maintains liaison with the three professional accounting bodies in Canada: the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Certified Management Accountants of Canada, and the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.

Leadership on Educational Matters

Through its Education Committee, the CAAA issues problems of current interest to educators, and arranges conferences, workshops, and other activities to stimulate educational developments.  


Annually, the membership elects the president and other directors of the Association, and a Nominating Committee Chair for the subsequent year. The Board of Directors appoints as directors, and as Chairs of the standing committees or as publications editors the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee. The work of the CAAA is carried out through the efforts of the executive director, the members of the board and numerous committees and task forces established by the board. The CAAA Executive Director is in charge of the permanent secretariat.  

New Members

New members from academe and the practising accounting community are welcome. Adding to the current membership of about 600 will help us address the challenges facing Canadian accounting education and research. Therefore, we invite you to complete the CAAA membership form online.  

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