Nominations 2018

The CAAA is seeking nominations to fill positions on the 2018-2021 CAAA Board of Directors and a number of non-board committees.  We encourage you to participate by nominating someone – including yourself.

Please give this call for nominations your serious consideration.  The Association’s success depends on the engagement of its members who contribute their volunteer time and skills to our governance and activities.  Members who have not been actively involved in the CAAA are especially welcome. If you know of someone who would make a stellar addition to the Board but is not yet a CAAA member, now is the time to reach out! Let us know, and we can help you provide membership information.

What the Board does

As a Board member, you’ll  shape and guide the direction of the CAAA. You will benefit by participating in the governance of a vibrant non-profit organization with all its challenges and rewards, enhancing your communication, leadership, and decision-making skills, and expanding your personal and professional networks. The CAAA Board is a terrific platform to expand your personal and professional networks.

How the Board and Committees operate

Board members are supported in undertaking their Board responsibilities by a formal orientation process, and by the CAAA’s staff members. Board members are reimbursed for travel and accommodation costs incurred in the fulfilment of their Board responsibilities.

Board of Directors terms are generally three years in length.

Non-board committee chairs lead the selection process for the CAAA Awards. Each CAAA Award has its own chair. This commitment is for one year and committee chairs select the members of their respective award committee.

When the Board meets

The CAAA Board typically meets in person three times per year, once in the Fall, once in the Winter, and once immediately preceding the Annual Conference. The Fall and Winter Board meetings generally take place in Toronto; the pre-Conference Board meeting takes place at the conference location. Other occasional meetings may take place via tele-conference.

Upcoming vacancies

Board Positions – to be elected by the Membership of the CAAA

  • President-Elect: 1-year term (with a three-year board commitment: one year each as President-Elect, President, and Past-President)
  • Annual Conference Chair (2020 conference): two-year term for 2018-2019 and for 2019-2020
  • Five additional Board member positions. These individuals, once elected by the membership to be Directors, may be allocated specific responsibilities by the Board. These responsibilities include such positions as Secretary, Research Chair, and Education Chair.


Non-Board Positions – to be elected by the Membership of the CAAA

  • Chair, George Baxter Award for Outstanding Contributions to the CAAA Committee: one-year term
  • Chair, Haim Falk Award for Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Thought Committee: one-year term
  • Chair, L.S. Rosen Outstanding Educator Award Committee: one-year term

Deadline for Nominations


The deadline for nominations is 15 February 2018. Nominees must be CAAA members in good standing.

The Nominations Committee will consider ALL nominations that it receives by the nominations deadline of 15 February 2018.

Please submit nominations to:

Cheryl S. McWatters

CAAA Past President & CAAA 2017-2018 Nominating Committee Chair

Nominations Committee

  • Cheryl S. McWatters, University of Ottawa
  • Morina Rennie, University of Regina
  • Richard Fontaine, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Duane Kennedy, University of Waterloo

For more information and/or if you have any further questions, please contact the Chair of the Nominations Committee or the CAAA office.