CPA Canada-CAAA Special Education Research Grant

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The broad purpose of this fund is to encourage Canadian academics to undertake projects of relevance to the accounting profession. The research under this program need not lead to publication in a scholarly journal, although it may lead to one or more such publications. The research project may result in a report that is both useful to practitioners and provides insight on topics dealing with the teaching of managerial or financial accounting, tax, audit, or information systems as well as enabling competencies/professional skills. Research on topics related to these concerns would be of interest, particularly respecting the teaching in an online setting.

Funding criteria   

The main funding criteria are that the work be relevant to the accounting profession, be completed on a timely basis, and be of satisfactory quality. 

The first criterion is to be ensured by CPA-Canada review of the letter of intent. The timeliness criterion is addressed by requiring a detailed time line in the proposal showing expected dates for production of reports or working papers. The reports or working papers must be completed within 24 months. The quality is ensured by the expertise provided by the CAAA Research Committee’s examination / approval of the proposal.  


Applicants are requested to submit a one-page letter of intent outlining the area and objectives of the research using the form below. Do not send this letter of intent to CPA Canada. It will be forwarded by the CAAA office to CPA Canada for comment on the relevance to the accounting profession. Feedback to the applicants will be returned through the Chair of the CAAA Research Committee in June.

The CAAA Research Committee or its delegates will evaluate proposals received and make a decision concerning suitability, including the amount of funding. The Committee’s decision is final and not subject to appeal. Successful applicants will be notified by end of October.

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Questions should be directed to Louise Laroche

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