Anciens bénéficiaires

2014 Bénéficiaires

  • Gordon Richardson et Dushyantkumar Vyas, University of Toronto, "Have SFAS 166 and SFAS 167 Improved the Financial Reporting for Off-Balance-Sheet Entities?" Le prix : 10 000 $
  • Hai Lu, University of Toronto, "The Rewards for Green: Social Media as a New Disclousre Channel" Le prix : 5 000 $
  •  François Brouard et Merridee Bujaki, Carleton University and Sylvain Durocher, University of Ottawa, "Constructing Legitimacy: An Examination of Images and Text in the Pre- and Post-Unification Recruitment Websites of Ontario's Accounting Professions" Le prix : 5 000 $

2013 Bénéficiaires

  • Amin Mawani, York University et Hong Fan, Saint Mary's University, "How do Canadian CEOs Select Their Compensation Peers?" Le prix : 7 000 $
  • Sylvie Héroux et Anne Fortin, Université du Québec à Montréal, "IT-Business Synergy and Innovation-Based Business Strategy"  Le prix : 6 000 $

 2012 Bénéficiaires

  • David Sharp, University of Western Ontario, Corinna Ewelt-Knauer and Thorsten Knauer, University of Münster, "The Effect of Relative Performance Information and Team Membership on Non-Compliant Behavior"  Le prix : 6 250 $
  • Dan Simunic, University of British Columbia, Minlei Ye and Ping Zhang, University of Toronto, "The Economics of Auditing Standards"
    Le prix : 6 250 $
  • Sandra Chamberlain, Joy Begley and Jenny Zhang, University of British Columbia, "Prudent Management of Defined Benefit Plans: The Role of an Executive's Skin in the Game and Board Involvement"  Le prix : 7 500 $