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Laurin Accounting Perspectives EIC Claude Laurin introduces the AP Special Event on the unification of the accounting profession and speaks to the heart of AP's mission and objectives.

Richardson Alan Richardson frames the reasons set out for the present merger, investigates the fate of the social capital of the legacy designations and, taking into account the outcomes of previous mergers, considers the potential consequences of its erosion.

Ross Kathie Ross identifies possible conflicts in merging professional identities, in a study of liminality and the role of professional rites of passage.


Bujaki Comparing online pre-merger (2013) and post-merger (2016) professional recruitment websites of the legacy bodies and CPA Ontario, Merridee Bujaki looks at the variety of legitimacy strategies deployed and reflects on the opportunity to frame "the meaning of becoming a professional accountant" in the post-unification landscape. Slide presentation

Panel 1 The first four presenters respond to questions from the floor, including questions on the naming of the new designation and on its perception in different provinces.

Batstone Tashia Batstone brings a provincial and national perspective on the journey to unification, sharing early lessons learned and considering brand awareness, competition from global brands, and the role of the CPA certification program in identity-building.

Hilton Nickie Young introduces panelists from institutions who have undergone CPA Canada accreditation; Sandy Hilton considers the next generation of CPA students and professionals, addressing the influence of ultra-accessible education and how to attract students to the program.

 Lapointe Antunes Pascale Lapointe-Antunes introduces the experience of the Goodman School of Business at Brock University - one of the first universities to offer the accreditation program - outlining the reorganization of programs for CPA components and noting the flashpoint of academic freedom. Slide presentation

Maier Michael Maier considers the value of creative thinking in accounting students, and how to address the external pressure for more leadership education.

Callimaci Antonello Callimaci explains the impact of the fast-paced merger in the province of Quebec on undergraduate and graduate programs. He provides several specific examples at his institution, the École des Sciences de la Gestion (ESG UQAM), and other Quebec universities to illustrate the required arbitrage between former legacy programs, and explains how academic freedom and pragmatism shaped the universities’ strategies.

Panel 2 The second panel weighs in on innovation and the Competency Map, and on cooperative work experience. In concluding, Accounting Perspectives EIC Claude Laurin encourages continued dialogue between the Academy and CPA Canada.


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