CAAA Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 and CAAA Annual Conference Update

April 7, 2020


After many deliberations of our Conference Committee and of our Executive Committee, and special meetings of our Board of Directors, we are sad to inform you that we have decided not to hold our Annual CAAA Conference in Saskatoon on June 4 to 6.

Read the Message from CAAA President, Michael Favere-Marchesi

President's Message

Dear Colleagues:

I promised to get back to you with further news. After many deliberations with all the parties involved, I must sadly inform you that we have decided to not hold our annual CAAA conference that was scheduled to take place in Saskatoon on June 4 to 6. This was a difficult decision as so much effort had been expanded to make this a memorable conference, but we had to bow in front of the mounting and justified restrictions to fight off the spread of COVID-19, both in terms of travel and gatherings. While we will certainly miss the wonderful network opportunities that are dear to all who attend the in-person conference and the opportunity to interact spontaneously in research and education sessions, in roundtable discussions and other activities that we have come to cherish, we are actively engaged in exploring the possibility to deliver online activities that will benefit all our members. Our conference committee is investigating the elements of our conference that could be provided online, and shortly we will have more precise details on what we will be offering. I ask that you please keep the conference dates on your calendar open as most of these online activities will take place during those days that we had all originally set aside.

The 44th Annual General Meeting of Members of the CAAA will take place online on Friday, June 5th (time to be announced later). I want to strongly encourage everyone to attend because, among other things, a nomination slate of new candidates for various positions as approved by the Board of Directors will be presented to the membership for a vote. Your participation to the meeting and in this vote will ensure the smooth continuity of our association.

Thank you to all who have devoted countless hours to investigate the ways we will continue to provide benefits to our membership, as we all stand united in the face of this crisis.

Michael Favere-Marchesi

President, Canadian Academic Accounting Association (2019-2020)

Those who have already registered may contact the CAAA office for a full refund of the registration fee. Accepted authors will be contacted in the coming days regarding our next steps.

But being without our Annual Conference in its traditional form does not mean we are ignoring our responsibilities to support our members’ and delegates’ academic careers; to give you the opportunity to disseminate your work and learn from that of others; or to foster our academic accounting community in every way available to us.

We are working hard to develop a delivery format for content that will have meaning and value to you and fit into your new normal working life. To give you the opportunity not just to present, but to discuss and obtain feedback on your research. To provide certifiable PD hours, because your career development can’t just go on hold. To host education sessions that will give you the grounding and inspiration to keep your students’ education on track. And, somehow, still to bring our CAAA community together even as we are forced to stay apart.

As accounting researchers and educators, your work will be one of the languages in which this global challenge is parsed, explained, and confronted. Your research and teaching will be part of the solution. It is more important now than ever that the CAAA be a place where you can collaborate, question each other, share ideas, and be challenged to be better.

We ask that in the coming weeks, as we contact you with more information about our next steps, you consider the value you can draw on your own behalf, and the value you get from collaborating with and supporting others and being an active part of our academic community. We know it is asking a lot in the context of your current professional life. We do not ask lightly.

In line with our values as an association, we commit to providing a meaningful forum that, although we lose much in the absence of face to face contact, will enrich and support your academic lives and development. We hope you will commit also to being a part of it.

With best wishes for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.


The CAAA Executive Committee, Board, Staff, and 2020 Conference Chairs


March 25, 2020

The CAAA is closely monitoring the situation around COVID-19 and following the guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Canada. Updates will be posted here and emailed to our members and mailing lists.

March 25, 2020

As you work to minimize the disruption to your students’ education, we offer you our support. As you prioritize the increased workload of new forms of delivery, teach grade school lessons at home, care for and worry about relatives nearby or abroad, and wonder where your own research fits in, we wish you strength and patience. The CAAA is here to support your professional life: we encourage you to get in touch if you see a role for us in your “new normal” work life that we haven’t yet identified.

Our lives have quickly become about “instructional continuity”, and the CAAA continues to operate to support your teaching and research. We run a fully-functioning virtual office in our normal course of operations.

Journal submissions

We are here to help you publish your research, and to continue to provide access to the highest-quality accounting research. Journal submissions are being accepted and processed, and our current issues are on their usual publication schedule. We take very seriously our responsibilities both to continue to support authors’ paths to publication, and to foster the wellbeing of our editorial community. Our publisher, Wiley, has implemented continuity plans and is working with library customers in institutions to ensure the Wiley Online Library platform content and training resources are easily available and accessible off-campus.

CAR Conference

The submission deadline for the Contemporary Accounting Research conference has been extended. You can now submit papers until April 14. 

Research Grants

If your research project is on hold for now, please get in touch with us regarding extensions. Simply make sure you contact us between now and your reporting deadline, so we can help you avoid the more stressful scenario of requesting extra time with a week (or a day…or an hour) to go. Don’t let this be something that adds to your worries right now.

You also have more time than usual for your 2020 grant applications. See application deadlines for the next round of CPA Canada-CAAA research grants.

March 12, 2020

The CAAA is continuing to monitor recommendations and guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization in response to current developments regarding COVID-19. Members are keeping us informed of developments within their own institutions and our planning team is meeting to share new information regularly.

To help with your decision-making regarding conference and travel planning, we note that:

  • Our requirement for presenting authors to make a firm decision by March 20 about attendance at the CAAA Annual Conference is waived; please look out for a later deadline in future communications;
  • Conference registration fees are eligible for a full refund up to May 8, so you can register without worrying about changing your mind later. We will issue further information before that date on how we will be proceeding;
  • As in all instances, if you are booking travel we recommend having travel insurance and checking the airline’s cancellation and change policies. WestJet is offering our delegates reductions on some flights with the special delegate code, and has flexible fare options to allow for changes; 
  • Our hotel and social event partners are providing us with the health and safety measures they are implementing.

The CAAA will send you further updates as things change. Our thoughts are with all of our colleagues in the national and international academic community dealing with the personal and professional challenges caused by COVID-19.


March 6, 2020

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for Canada. PHAC updates are posted here:

Saskatchewan has no confirmed cases of COVID-19. The provincial updates may be found here:

PHAC has also produced a fact sheet:

We encourage everyone to follow the public health recommendations of their country. Please be assured that the CAAA continues to closely monitor the guidance issued by PHAC and the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and will provide updates if there are any implications for the CAAA Annual Conference.

March 28, 2020

March 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

As you can imagine, we have been very busy at the CAAA in the last few weeks. We have had several meetings of the Conference Committee and the Executive Committee, and held a special meeting of the Board of Directors to assess the situation with regards to our annual conference scheduled June 4 to 6. While we have not yet made a formal announcement, I want to ask for your patience a while longer as we are in negotiation with the hotel in Saskatoon to explore all options. I will get back to you shortly as these deliberations should conclude in the next few days. 

In the meantime, we are suspending registration to the conference. However, I can guarantee you that, if the conference does not proceed, those who have already registered will receive a full refund of their registration fee.

We have been proactive in the matter and, even if we cannot hold an in-person conference, we have been actively engaged in exploring the possibility to deliver online activities to benefit all our members. Please keep the conference dates on your calendar open as most of these online activities, including the 44th Annual General Meeting of the Members of the CAAA, would take place during the days originally set aside.

I want to acknowledge the amazing work and dedication of our staff and all our volunteers in helping the association serve our membership in new and creative ways. As accounting researchers and educators, our work will be one of the languages in which this global challenge is parsed, explained, and confronted. Our research and teaching will be part of the solution. It is more important now than ever that the CAAA be a place where we can collaborate, question each other, share ideas, and be challenged to be better. I hope that you are all staying healthy and safe in these difficult times.

Michael Favere-Marchesi, CAAA President (2019-2020)