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Transformational Thinking: Applying Ourselves to Change

Accounting Perspectives Symposium - June 10, 2021

At the 2021 Canadian Accounting Association Annual Conference

Accounting Perspectives is pleased to announce the Accounting Perspectives Symposium at the CAAA Annual Conference.  The symposium, “Transformational Thinking: Applying Ourselves to Change” will explore how external influences have transformed, and will continue to transform, the accounting profession. The symposium, to be held on Thursday, June 10, 2021, will feature research articles that study significant transformations in the field of accounting.

The Symposium will consist of a mix of submitted and invited presentations, speakers, Q&A, and networking.

The Symposium schedule will be announced in March 2021.

Accounting Perspectives

Accounting Perspectives is a peer-reviewed accounting journal that provides new insights in accounting research, policy, and education. Accounting Perspectives publishes applied research, literature reviews, commentary, educational articles, and instructional cases that speak from or speak to the accounting community in Canada and beyond. 


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