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Registration for the 2021 CAAA Annual Conference is open. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our four-day virtual conference!


Member registration fee: $245.00

Student member registration fee: $0.00 for 2021

Retired member registration fee: $85.00


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The CAAA supports student members by offering free registration. We encourage all student members toattend at least one of the following: the Craft of Accounting Research workshop, the Accounting Perspectives Symposium, and education workshops on the PD Day, as well as sessions or workshops on the Friday and Saturday of the conference. This applies to all current student members of CAAA.

Non-member registration fee: $575.00

Student/Retired non-member registration fee: $285.00

Student membership of the CAAA is $75.00 and regular membership is $205. Become a member first to take advantage of the members' rate plus membership benefits. I'll join the CAAA now

Early registration deadline date is midnight Eastern Time, on May 25, 2021. After this date, the registration fee will increase by $100. The same is the case for student and retiree prices.

Dollar amounts are in Canadian dollars within Canada and US dollars elsewhere.


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Cancellations are eligible for refunds, subject to an administrative fee. Send an e-mail to


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It is with a mix of feelings we announce that we will meet in the virtual space again for the CAAA Annual Conference in 2021. We hoped to be welcoming you all to Quebec City for the in-person experiences we have all been missing. At the same time, we are excited to be making our virtual offerings even bigger and better than our 2020 conference!


Why have you made the decision now?

Why have you made the decision now?

We have a responsibility to our members and delegates to support your teaching, research, and career development in the best way we can. We have a responsibility to do that in a way that keeps everyone safe and doesn’t add more stress and risk to your life.

In 2020, everyone was hit very suddenly with pandemic restrictions, and our amazing staff and volunteers worked in a few short weeks (with more than a few VERY long days and nights!) to transform the CAAA conference and deliver it online. We were thrilled with the response from our members and delegates. In a world where other opportunities were being cancelled outright, we carried forward our belief that we owed you a proper conference. And you rose to it! The 2020 conference gave us many touchpoints of connection and some normality. Best of all – and perhaps most unexpectedly – it highlighted that the ways in which we all have adapted to a changed world are based in the things we have always done best: supporting colleagues, sharing freely, asking searching questions, seeking accountability and being accountable.

There are now many opportunities to improve our online offerings. Our early decision for 2021 gives us time to truly plan a full suite of virtual offerings, to give our delegates and supporters the best possible experience.
It removes all the uncertainty from your planning too. You can make your plans right now, and be sure to benefit from attending even if your institution continues to restrict travel or you just don’t feel keen on in-person attendance after whatever this coming winter and early spring bring us.

So what can we expect?

So what can we expect?

Much as we all loved the intensity of 2020, we also like lunch and coffee and standing up every so often, so you can expect our research and education programs both to have a little more content and be a little more spread out and manageable this year, enabling you to attend more of what you want while still getting a breather. There will be discussants for all research paper presentations. We are back to our impressive range of keynote speakers, something we really missed last year, and that will include the Yuji Ijiri lecture delivered by Dr Paul Fischer of the University of Pennsylvania. A number of our publisher colleagues will be joining us again to provide an extra day of webinar content that will be fully free for members and delegates. The CAAA provides evidence of PD hours for all education workshops and sessions taking place throughout the three days of the conference, as well as for the ethics workshop. We are also offering a special Accounting Perspectives symposium, Transformational Thinking. And now that we’ve all got used to the wonders of breakout rooms on Zoom, we’ll be using those and other tools to increase our networking and one-to-one friendship and mentoring interactions.

What will it cost, and why is there a fee this year?

What will it cost, and why is there a fee this year?

We can all agree that 2020 was an exceptional circumstance for everyone. With the help of our wonderful sponsors and our Distinguished Partner, the CAAA was fortunate to be able to present the conference free of charge as a benefit for CAAA members in a uniquely difficult year. In 2021 we plan to increase and improve our online event, to have the infrastructure and capacity to deliver it, and to meet everyone’s high expectations based not only on our success last year but on the ‘new normal’ of online delivery. The fee is adjusted to reflect that we won’t be clinking teacups at our now-traditional high-tea, bringing you the all-day barista, or letting our hair down at a social event buffet, but that there is a very real value to the content our participants, presenters, panelists, and speakers are still delivering.


The member conference fee of $245 encompasses all conference content across all conference days. This includes webinars, education and ethics PD, keynote speakers, and the full program of concurrent research and education sessions.



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