June 5 CAAA Conference Education Resources and Session Slides

Research Sessions

1.1.2 Evidence-Informed Audit Standard Setting: Exploring Evidence Use and Knowledge Transfer in Development of the Group Audit Standard

1.2.1 A Statistical Foundation for the Measurement of Managerial Ability

1.2.2 Managerial Ability and Labour Investment

1.2.3 How Gamification Can Harness Boredom and Improve Performance

2.1.1 Labour Adjustment Behaviour and Performance

2.1.2 Subjective Evaluation of Professional Employees: Work-Day Duration as a Heuristic to Evaluate Output

3.1.1 The Treatment of Accounting Changes in Covenants and Debt Contracting Efficiency

4.1.1 Does Industry Classification Matter? Evidence from IT Budgets

4.1.2 Systemizing the Challenges of Auditing Blockchain-Based Assets

4.2.2 The Causes and Real Consequencesof Derivative Litigation

4.2.3 The market for corporate control and non-GAAP reporting

4.3.3 Behavioral Risk Taking Incentives under Uncertain, Deferred Bonus Payments

4.5.1 Le pilotage des processus d’innovation de rupture : un « Lego » créatif d’outils et de pratiques comme garde-fou

5.1.3 Tax fraud punishment and observers’ tax compliance: An experimental investigation

5.2.1 Optimistic management earnings forecasts and performance-vesting provisions in executive compensation

5.2.2 Managerial Ability and Accounting Conservatism

5.3.1 Reporting on Environment and Climate in Canadian Governments’ Annual Financial Reports

5.3.2 Government Transparency and Firm-Level Operational Efficiency

5.4.1 Evolution in Value Relevance of Accounting Information

5.4.3 Non-Traditional Banking Activities and Bank Financial Reporting Quality

6.1.3 The relevance of risk disclosure and the role of readability and comparability

6.2.1 No More Quiet Life: Proxy Advisors’ Role in Say-on-Pay Non-Vote Years

6.2.3 The Effect of Say-on-Pay on Non-GAAP Reporting

6.3.1 Self-Serving Biases in Team Member Communication: The Effects of Voluntary Communication and Explanation

6.3.3 The Effects of Incentives and an Organizational Value Statement on Employee Performance in a Multi-Task Setting

6.4.2 Constructing the Identity of Canada’s Merged Accounting Profession through Pre- and Post-Merger National Accounting Magazine Cover Images