Professional Development Day: Workshops

Thursday May 30 is Professional Development day. Choose from four half-day practical education workshops that will challenge your thinking and bring new life to your classroom practice. On Thursday we also host our two full-day special sessions, the Craft of Accounting Research workshop and the Accounting Perspectives workshop.

Half-day Sessions

Education Workshop #1: Encadrer aux cycles supérieurs : amoindrir les écarts et aplanir les difficultés (In French only)

Education Workshop #1: Encadrer aux cycles supérieurs : amoindrir les écarts et aplanir les difficultés (In French only)

Presenter: Christian Bégin, Département de Didactique, Université du Québec à Montréal

This workshop will be delivered in French.

Les directeurs de recherche jouent un rôle paradoxal dans l’encadrement aux cycles supérieurs, soit celui de diriger les étudiants dans leur démarche tout en essayant de les rendre plus autonomes pour satisfaire aux exigences de leurs études. Il en résulte une dynamique complexe qui crée souvent des frictions et mésententes, notamment en raison des écarts entre les attentes réciproques à propos des rôles, des responsabilités et des modes de fonctionnement.

Le but de cet atelier est tout d’abord d’aider les professeurs et les professeures à identifier leur perception et conception personnelles à l’égard de l’encadrement et les conflits potentiels avec les étudiants ou les étudiantes qui peuvent surgir. Il sera ensuite question des étapes pour sélectionner les étudiants et les étudiantes qui se présentent afin de bien évaluer leur potentiel. Quelques règles seront aussi présentées pour aider ceux et celles qui encadrent à définir des modalités pour les rencontres et le suivi des étudiants et des étudiantes qui sont favorables pour chacun. Ils seront alors mieux outillés pour questionner et sélectionner les étudiants et déterminer un mode de fonctionnement qui facilitera l’accompagnement tout au cours du cheminement. Enfin, le processus de correction des productions des étudiants et des étudiantes sera abordé pour départager les façons de faire qui sont favorables, de celles qui devraient être évitées et répondre ainsi à la question : jusqu’où dois-je écrire à la place de l’étudiant ?

Education Workshop #2: Enabling Competencies

Education Workshop #2: Enabling Competencies 

Presenter: Susan Wolcott, (CPA Canada) & Richard Fontaine, (Université du Québec à Montréal)

During winter and spring 2019, the CPA Canada Competency Map Committee will consider possible revisions to the enabling competencies in the CPA Competency Map based on work performed during 2018 by the CPA Canada Competency Framework Task Force.

The proposed new enabling competencies are significantly different than the existing competencies, leading to questions about how the new competencies will be addressed in educational programs and courses. In addition, many students may fail to recognize the importance of the new competencies to their future careers, leading to a lack of motivation to engage sufficiently in related learning activities.

This workshop provides participants with details about the new enabling competencies, plus practical ideas and examples for teaching and learning methods.

During this workshop, participants will:
• Learn about the workplace expectations reflected in the new enabling competencies
• Explore ideas from education research for teaching and learning the new enabling competencies
• Identify opportunities to integrate the new enabling competencies into existing accounting courses
• Discuss possible revisions to The CPA Way (CPA Canada’s educational model that currently addresses Problem Solving and Decision Making, Mindset, and Communication), to incorporate the new enabling competencies.

Education Workshop #3: 23rd Annual Ethics Workshop

Education Workshop #3: The Centre for Accounting Ethics of the University of Waterloo will be presenting a half-day workshop on Data privacy protection in a world of Big Data.

Presenters: Deborah Evans, Chief Privacy Officer at Rogers Communications & Jonathan Joynt, Senior Investigator and Breach Response Officer, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

This workshop will focus on Data privacy protection in a world of Big Data; What business schools (and more specifically, accounting faculty) need to teach their students to prepare them to identify privacy issues and safeguard their clients, customers and employers from violations of privacy when working with data.

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Education Workshop #4: Use of multidisciplinary cases in teaching accounting studies

Education Workshop #4: Use of multidisciplinary cases in teaching accounting studies

Presenter: Sylvie Deslauriers, (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)

The use of multidisciplinary cases in the teaching of accounting studies has many advantages for the student and for the teacher. Among others, this allows the application of technical knowledge approximating practical scenarios. This also allows the development of professional skills such as the ability to diagnose, analyze and solve various problems or issues. In addition to the undeniable academic input, using case studies allows the development of different and very interesting teaching and assessment techniques.

This session is intended for teachers who wish to analyze a case in class. The participatory form workshop will use a real case study as a background. This will help to highlight the key points in reading, to raise awareness of the need to plan the response and suggest how to articulate clearly, and efficiently, ideas. Furthermore, the way of working the proposed solution of a case will be addressed. How to bring out the key elements? How to help analyze a case in order to better succeed next time? And finally, how to evaluate a student's response will be discussed.

Full-day Sessions

The Craft of Accounting Research Workshop: Planning, Performing, and Publishing Research in Accounting

The Craft of Accounting Research Workshop: Planning, Performing, and Publishing Research in Accounting

Please note: Registration for this workshop will close when it reaches capacity, or April 26, 2019, whichever comes first.

Workshop Leaders: Hai Lu (University of Toronto), Khim Kelly (University of Central Florida) & Jee-Eun Shin (University of Toronto)

This workshop is intended for doctoral students and junior faculty members interested in performing research and writing research-based articles for scholarly journals in accounting. It will concentrate on issues and problems involved in planning and performing research, early career issues and planning, as well as writing up and publishing results. The schedule will offer opportunities for selected participants to present and receive feedback on their own research ideas. The workshop will be most valuable to Ph.D. students who have completed their course work and begun developing their own research, and junior faculty seeking feedback on early-stage projects.

Note: Following registration, registrants may submit a proposal to be considered for presentation at the workshop. Details will follow via email after conference registration has been completed. Proposals must be submitted, and (if selected for presentation) presented, in English. Because of the importance of advance preparation to the success of this workshop, no registrations will be accepted after April 26, 2019, including on the day of the event.


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Accounting Perspectives Workshop: Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptocurrencies – Working Together to Generate Ideas for Applied Research in These and Other Areas

Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Cryptocurrencies – Working Together to Generate Ideas for Applied Research in These and Other Areas

Presenters: Theophanis Stratopoulos, (University of Waterloo), Irene Wiecek, (University of Toronto), Rebecca Villman, (Financial Reporting & Assurance Canada), & Juzar Pirbhai, (Canadian Public Accounting Assurance Board Ontario Securities Commission)

Accounting professionals need to understand blockchain, distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies in order to evaluate their impact on the accounting profession, business and accounting education. Given that accounting professionals do not necessarily want to become programmers, cryptographers or database experts, what is the essential technical knowledge that they need to have in order to evaluate and prepare for the effect of these disruptive technologies? How can accounting researchers and educators engage with this material to further the body of knowledge and provide enriched and informed accounting education?

Morning Session

The morning will provide an introduction to blockchain and its foundational concepts. By the end of the morning session attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Explain, in plain English, blockchain concepts.
  • Acquire the blockchain foundational knowledge needed to start thinking about the  business/accounting implications of blockchain.

Afternoon session

The afternoon session will examine the financial reporting, tax, assurance and regulatory considerations relating to these technologies with a focus on how we can work together to create meaningful contributions in the applied research arena. Panelists from academe, accounting standard setting, tax practice, audit and securities regulation will discuss emerging business models, how capital markets are evolving and the impact on the profession.

Participants will have a chance to:

  • Reflect on the impact of these changes on their teaching and research; and
  • Be engaged in the broader discussion regarding how we can encourage, facilitate and create meaningful and valued applied research for standard setters, regulators and the accounting profession.


Breakfast, lunch, and two refreshment breaks are provided to registrants for Thursday's workshops. We thank MacEwan University for its sponsorship of the PD Day Lunch.

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