CPA Canada-CAAA Special Education Research Grant

Call for Proposals

Letters of Intent due: July 13, 2020
Proposals invite: August 28, 2020
Proposals due:  September 30, 2020
Decision Letters: November 13, 2020

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada has made a research fund available to members of the CAAA at Canadian institutions. There will be one call for proposals per year for each of the grants funded through this program.


The broad purpose of this fund is to encourage Canadian academics to undertake projects to help create a new strategic direction for the accounting profession by informing CPA Canada’s Foresight Initiative (see below for more information). The research under this program need not lead to publication in a scholarly journal, although it may lead to one or more such publications. The research project may result in a report that is both useful to practitioners and provides background in an area that could be the subject of further academic exploration.

Funding criteria  

The main funding criteria are that the work be:

  • Relevant to creating a new strategic direction for the accounting profession by demonstrating an understanding of the initial results from Foresight Phase 1 and help inform the plans outlined in Foresight: The Way Forward ReportAppendices and webinar.
  • Completed on a timely basis
  • Of satisfactory quality

The first criterion is to be ensured by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada's review of the letter of intent. The timeliness criterion is addressed by requiring a detailed timeline in the proposal showing expected dates for production of reports or working papers. The reports or working papers must be completed within 24 months. The quality is ensured by the expertise provided by the CAAA Research Committee’s examination / approval of the proposal.  


Applicants are requested to submit a one- to two-page letter of intent outlining the area(s) and objectives of the research using the form below. The letter of intent should also refer to the project’s relevance to the Foresight Initiative.

Submit a Letter of Intent

Do not send this letter of intent to CPA Canada. Submissions for this grant are handled by the CAAA Secretariat. Feedback to applicants will be returned through the Chair of the CAAA Research Committee by (date). LOIs passing the initial stage will be invited to submit a full grant proposal. We encourage research employing any research methods.

Foresight Phase 1: The Way Forward for the accounting profession

We are living in a world of heightened risks and disruption.  This includes the reality of a swiftly evolving digital environment led by the overwhelming pervasiveness of technological change.  As well, the interdependence of society, economy, and the environment is becoming clearer with resultant implications for business. 

How do we reorient players across the investment value chain towards a longer-term, multi-stakeholder perspective?  What types of policies, governance and skills are needed to keep pace with emerging technologies that are driving societal transformation?  These and similar questions led the CPA profession in Canada to embark on the Foresight process.  The resultant Foresight:TheWay Forward Report suggests “future CPAs will:

  • provide insight on performance (drive enhanced decision-making by leveraging emerging technologies … to provide real-time insight and foresight)
  • lead and advise with integrity (across a broader scope and to an expanded range of decision-makers)
  • provide assurance and trust in information (expand beyond financial information to encompass a broader range of information sources)

Foresight Phase 2: Next Steps  

CPA Canada is actively engaged in Foresight Phase 2. A bold initiative that involves a broad set of stakeholders (e.g., students, members in public practice, industry and public sector, along with standard setters, regulators and academics) to help the profession respond to the challenges identified in Foresight Phase 1. Our early work in Foresight Phase 2 will include the completion of environmental scans in the areas of data governance (broadly defined) and value creation.

Questions should be directed to Louise Laroche

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