CICA–CAAA Research Grant Program

2012 Award Recipients

The CAAA is pleased to announce the results of the most recent competition under the CICA-Canada–CAAA Research Grant Program. The following projects were awarded:   

  • Karel Hrazdil and Kim Trottier (Simon Fraser University), "The Global Industry Classification System and Its Implications for Intra-industry Information Transfers." Award: $10,000.
  • Theresa Libby(University of Waterloo), Charles Adam Presslee (University of Waterloo)and Ian T. Burt (University of Waterloo), "The Effect of Superior's Subjective Target Adjustment and Social Identity on Subordinate Performance." Award: $6,725.
  • Desmond Tsang(McGill University) and Jing Zhang (McGill University), "Firm Location, Earnings Management and Financial Reporting Choice: An Analysis of Fair Value Reporting for Investment Properties in Emerging Market." Award: $6,500.

The CAAA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants in making this research opportunity available to our members.  

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