Research Committee Structure: Operational Guidelines

The Research Committee Chair selects as many members as required to serve as Subcommittee Chairs, one for each of the funding programs. The selection of Subcommittee Chairs will be guided by the goals and objectives of each research program.  

Each Subcommittee Chair will submit to the Research Committee Chair the names of three members to sit on their subcommittee. At least one member should be able to fully understand written material in both English and French, in order to better serve the needs of all CAAA members. The Research Committee Chair will review the selections ensuring that the proposed committee members represent the diverse research interests of the membership.  

The Chair solicits letters of intent for all research programs from the members of the CAAA; letters to be sent (by e-mail) to the Chair and copied to the CAAA office. The Chair sends all letters received by the announced deadline on to the representatives of the funding organizations, with a copy to the appropriate Subcommittee Chair and the CAAA office.  

Each funding organization determines which of these letters merit consideration of a full proposal and informs the Chair of its decision. The Chair then notifies the Subcommittee Chair and the CAAA office of these results by email, and notifies (by e-mail) all successful and unsuccessful applicants of the results. If for any reason the Chair of the Research Committee is unable to provide the required email communications to the funding body, then the Executive Director will do so instead. The successful applicants are asked to submit full proposals directly to the appropriate Subcommittee Chair, copying both the Research Committee Chair and the CAAA office.

Research proposals are sent by the applicants directly to the appropriate Subcommittee Chair who will correspond with applicants as required. Each research subcommittee reviews and selects research projects in accordance with the Guidelines for Grant Proposals and subject to the overall funding available. The Subcommittee Chair reviews selections with the Research Committee Chair who notifies successful and unsuccessful applicants of the results.

In order to promote clarification of the terms of CAAA support, the Chair shall formulate a statement or contract that documents the agreement between the researcher and the Association. The agreement is documented in the statement of the Terms and Conditions of Financial Support of Article-Length Research.. The authority for negotiating research contracts on behalf of the CAAA is vested in the Chair of the Research Committee. Recognition of the donor is part of each research agreement.  

The Research Committee Chair solicits progress reports from all grant recipients whose projects were deemed incomplete at the end of the prior year. These reports are then used to produce an annual report of the Research Committee. In addition, the Research Committee chair prepares regular reports on its activities for discussion at Executive meetings. He/she also prepares a report on the awards made from all funds for publication in the newsletter. The chair also may attend meetings of the liaison groups with CAAA funding bodies and produces reports for the CAAA Board of Directors and/or funding bodies (e.g. SSHRC, CPA, etc.) about accounting research in Canada.

The Research Committee must maintain records of grants awarded prior to awarding new grants to consider whether similar submissions have previously been funded by the CAAA.  

Only members in good standing may apply for and receive research grants administered by the CAAA.  

Grants are split into operating and travel components. Cashing of the grant cheque would indicate acceptance of the grant terms. It was agreed that the Newsletter will indicate who received a grant, the amount of the grant, the title of the project, and the source of the funding.  

The operating component of the grant is normally paid to the researcher’s university, which administers the disbursement of the funds on behalf of the CAAA. Expenses relating to the travel component of the grant are to be reimbursed to researchers by the CAAA based on documentation submitted. In order to retain their grant, researchers are required to maintain their CAAA membership while benefiting from the grant and to submit progress reports at least on an annual basis.  

Policy on Information Exchange with Funding Organizations

A) That the report of the Research Committee regarding proposals receiving awards (author(s), topic, amounts, fund linked to the award) for the year be sent to the CAAA President soon after the awards have been granted. This report will be sent to the funding bodies with a cover letter from the President. The report also will be presented as an information item to the Executive Committee at the meeting immediately following the time when the Research Committee makes its decisions.

Concurrent with this recommendation are the concepts that:

(a) the assessment and decisions as to which letters of intent move forward to the proposal stage remains totally in the control of the representative of the funding organizations; there will normally be no direct communication between the researchers and the representatives of the funding organizations.  

(b) the Research Committee's assessment and decisions as to which proposals will receive an award remains totally in the control of the Committee.

(c) regarding proposals received for which awards were not granted; there will be no exchange of information.

B) That, after being reported to the Executive Committee, the President send to each research fund donor organization a copy of the annually updated "Progress Report on the Outcome of the Research Grants Made."

C) That author(s) of published papers supported from CAAA research funds provide a copy of the published paper to the CAAA Office. The Office will send a copy to the funding organization.

Terms and Conditions for Financial Support of Article-Length Research

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