Share your ideas and win!

CAAA Case Competition - The CAAA Education Committee wants your entries for the CAAA Case Competition. It’s a great opportunity for you to share your expertise and win! There is a $500 prize and a certificate of achievement for each of the two categories—Short and Integrated.

Howard Teall Innovation in Accounting Education Award Competition -  Do you motivate your students with original learning activities? Have you found a new way to encourage them to pursue future learning opportunities? Do you have a unique approach to accounting education? Share the details of your initiative and you could win the Howard Teall Innovation in Accounting Education Award! There is a first prize of $500 and a second prize of $250.

Learning Strategies Exchange -  The Learning Strategies Exchange session provides an ideal way to display and exchange ideas about curriculum, course, and classroom innovations and activities. The presentations may focus on smaller components of the education experience than proposals for the Howard Teall Award do, but they can be just as interesting and important to accounting instructors. The breadth and depth of the ideas exchanged are up to the presenters, making the Learning Strategies Exchange session a great motivating force, for presenters and audience alike. Submitters whose proposals are approved for the session often receive conference funding from their schools.

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