CAAA Education Committee Report

May 2011

The Education Committee has had a busy and effective year. I am now completing my fourth and final year as Chair of the Education. Jamie Aldcorn has been nominated to be the next Chair. The majority of the Education committee carried over from the past few years, which has helped tremendously. We continued to gain a few additional members at last years conference and throughout the year. The committee is quite large (21 members), my philosophy is to accept all volunteers and then encourage them to be as involved as possible. Like many volunteer activities, we have some members who are very involved and others that contribute less frequently.

The current members include:

  • Angela Davis, Booth University College
  • Ayesha Laher, CGA
  • Beth Honeychurch, CASB
  • Bob Sproule, University of Waterloo
  • Camillo Lento, Lakehead University
  • Carmen Kuczewski, Concordia University
  • Chris Burnley, Vancouver Island University
  • Christopher Martinez, Centennial College
  • Colleen Evans, Red River College
  • David Inhaber, SAIT
  • Jamie Aldcorn, Seneca College
  • Joanne Jones, York University
  • Kathy Letourneau, CICA
  • Linda Robinson, University of Waterloo
  • Mark Binder, Red River College
  • Norman Sheehan, University of Saskatchewan
  • Rand Rowlands, George Brown College
  • Susan Kelsall, Humber College
  • Susan Wolcott, CASB
  • Vanessa Magness, Ryerson University
  • Sandy Hilton, University of British Columbia Okanagan

All members of the committee have worked tirelessly to promote a focus on teaching and learning at the annual conference. We have organized 16 sessions during the regular conference period (up from 11 in 2010 and ten in 2009), a full-day session for the professional development day preceding the conference, one of the two plenary sessions, one mini-plenary session, and organized the competitions for the French and English cases competitions, and the Howard Teall Innovation award. My sincere thanks go out to each and every member of this years committee; it truly was a team effort!

One of our goals this year was to continue to draw upon the experts beyond those on the committee. Most of the sessions we have organized this year involve numerous academics outside of the committee. In particular, we have Bill Sullivan (Wabash College) and Roger Martin (Toronto) as our plenary speakers, multiple academics from the US, a 3M Teaching award winner (from a non-accounting area), and a number of representatives from the professional bodies, including IFAC, helping with various sessions. We are grateful for their involvement. Another positive step this year was that we actually received session proposals from academics outside the committee. Hopefully this trend will continue, as I believe it increases both the quality and diversity of sessions we offer at the conference.

Through multiple conference calls and numerous email exchanges between September 2010 and May 2011, the committee developed the educational sessions for the 2011 annual conference. I will not report the details of each session below since much of that is available elsewhere (the conference program for instance). Consistent with prior years, planning the annual conference was the sole focus of the committee this past year

I believe we have developed a very strong set of sessions that should be of interest to many educators. One of my hopes this year was to build the committees focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning. We did this in a number of ways:

We ran our first education/research program, the CMA/CAAA Scholarship of Teaching and Learning grant with letters of interest (LOI) due Sept. 2010 and the final submissions due Dec. 2010. We received two LOI and consistent with the other CAAA grant programs we submitted those to the sponsoring body (CMA Canada) to ensure the research was consistent with the programs mission. Both LOI were accepted and full proposals were submitted for December. Both grant proposals were reviewed by a panel of education-research experts and one grant proposal was accepted for funding. The Education Committee discussed the remaining funds with CMA Canada and CMA Canada has agreed to roll the remaining funds forward to 2011/2012. The Education Committee will be looking for future funding to continue this important grant program.

We are hosting two sessions at the conference where a total of four research papers on teaching and learning will be presented and discussed. This is up from three papers in 2010 and two papers in 2009.

We are hosting a session on action research which is an easy way for scholars to begin researching education-related issues. This session is designed to encourage other academics to begin asking research questions about teaching and hopefully to begin writing education scholarship.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with this committee, with the board, and with the variety of educators across the country who are passionate about teaching and learning. Personally, I would like to thank each member for their incredible contribution this year, to the Board for your leadership, and to Lesley for being flexible and keeping me on track. In particular, I thank Jennifer, Gary, Louise, and Angela for being terrific presidents to serve with!


Sandy Hilton
May 12, 2011



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