Education Committee Report 2008-2009

CAAA Education Committee Report

May 2009

The Education Committee has had a busy and effective year.  I am now completing my second full year as Chair of the Education Committee and I have one year left in my current term.  The Education committee underwent substantial turnover after the 2008 annual conference after many long-serving members chose to move on.  We recruited many new members this year, which was excellent and brought many new ideas to the planning table – thank you to all the new members.  The Education committee has strived to retain geographic balance but we are currently under represented by Quebec, PEI, Newfoundland and Labradour, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick members – if you are from one of those provinces please consider volunteering.  We also have no members from any of the territories and we’d love to have some “northern” perspective.

The current members include:

  • Ayesha Laher, CGA-Canada
  • Bob Sproule, University of Waterloo
  • Christopher Martinez, Centennial College
  • Colleen Evans, Red River College
  • Eduardo Schiehll, HEC Montréal
  • Jamie Aldcorn, Seneca College
  • Jean Pai, University of Manitoba
  • Jennifer Jones, York University
  • Jylan Khalil, CICA
  • Liang Chen, University of Toronto
  • Mark Binder, Red River College
  • Noreen Gregor, University of Saskatchewan
  • Rand Rowlands, George Brown College
  • Vanessa Magness, Ryerson University
  • Sandy Hilton, University of British Columbia – Okanagan

All members of the committee have worked tirelessly to promote a focus on teaching and learning at the annual conference.  We have organized ten sessions during the regular conference period, a two half-day sessions for the professional development day preceding the conference, and organized the competitions for the French and English cases competitions, and the Howard Teall Innovation award.  My sincere thanks go out to each and every member of this year’s committee; it truly was a team effort!

One of our goals this year was to continue to draw upon the experts available at Canadian institutions.  Most of the sessions we have organized this year involve numerous academics outside of the committee.  We are grateful for their involvement.

Through multiple conference calls and numerous email exchanges between September 2008 and April 2009, the committee developed the educational sessions for the 2009 annual conference.  I will not report the details of each session below since much of that is available elsewhere (the conference program for instance).  Planning the annual conference was the sole focus of the committee this past year.  While there may be additional appropriate tasks for the education committee, it is my opinion that planning 10 sessions plus a plenary speaker and a professional development day keeps us sufficiently busy.  

Beyond the 10 concurrent sessions that we are organizing for the conference, we have also planned a solid professional development day that is specifically designed based on feedback from prior years (notably – ensure there are adequate immediate “take-aways”, and ensure the sessions involve substantial active learning).  We have also planned one plenary session for the conference (Julia Christensen Hughes), and judged the English and French case competitions as well as the Howard Teall Innovation Award

I believe we have developed a very strong set of sessions that should be of interest to many educators.  One of my hopes last year was to host a session dedicated to the scholarship of teaching and learning – we had sufficient papers submitted that we are hosting such a session in 2009.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with this committee, with the board, and with the variety of educators across the country who are passionate about teaching and learning. Personally, I would like to thank each member for their incredible contribution this year, to the Board for your leadership, and to Lesley for being flexible and keeping me on track.


Sandy Hilton
May 3, 2009



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