Education Committee Report 2005-2006

Through its Education Committee, the CAAA investigates problems of current interest to educators, and arranges conferences, workshops, and other activities to stimulate educational developments. The objective of the Committee is to promote accounting education and accounting education research.

The members of the Education Committee have worked very hard this year undertaking many activities directed towards its mandate. Following is a list of activities from June 2005 until May 31, 2006.  

Conference 2006

Professional Development Program (Pre-Conference Full Day)

Session 1:  Teaching Matters:  It’s All about Competencies with Marg Forbes

Session 2:  Case Teaching with Dr. James Erskine

Plenary Session 1:

Student Learning: Models, Methods, and Making it Count”: Moderator B. Trenholm  

5 Conference Education Sessions     

Follow up to Plenary 1 : Moderator: B. Trenholm

Department Heads Exchange: Moderators: B. Sainty, A. Downey

Using Technology and Program Support: e-Portfolios and Strategy: Moderators: G. Russell, B. Sproule

Challenges in Accounting Education – An Open Forum Discussion, Moderators: G. Russell, A. Downey

Are you ready for International Reporting? Moderator E. Boritz

Canadian Accounting Department Heads Information Exchange organized for conference 2006 (Dr. B. Sainty & Dr. A. Downey, Co-Chairs)

Education Mission

The committee worked on renewing our mandate to make a more meaningful contribution to the membership and its education needs this past year.  The proposed and preliminary mission is posted on the web site and comments are very welcome.  A special thanks to Grant Russell for all his work in this area.  

Case Competition  

The annual Case Competition was organized by Suresh Kalagnanam and Monique Levesque. This year we had 5 English submissions and 3 French submissions. The cases were blind reviewed, and both English and French winners were selected.  

The English case winner this year was “Financial Times Business School Rankings” written by Steve Salterio, Queens University and Andrea Davies, Ernst & Young, LLP.  The French case winner was “Mythco Pharma Inc.” written by Louise Martel and Diane Paul, both at HEC Montreal.  Each of these cases will be submitted to CAP for future publication.

Innovation in Accounting Education Competition

The Innovation in Accounting Education Competition was organized by Pascale Lapointe-Antunes. This year’s first place winner, and thus the winner of the Howard Teall Innovation in Accounting Education Award, was L. Bamber and M. Bamber from the University of Georgia for “Using 10K Reports Brings Management Accounting to Life”, and the second place winner was C. Hurley, University of New Brunswick for “Preparing Our Accounting Students for the Demands of Tomorrow”.

Funding for Research on the Scholarship of Education

Angela Downey and Paul Granatstein met with several publishers to discuss funding for regional education meetings and funding for promotion of the scholarship of education research projects.  Regional opportunities to cooperate with publishers in education seminars will have to be established with each particular publisher.  However, the publishers, as a whole, were very interested in becoming involved in projects that further the scholarship of education and, in particular, a project being planned by the education committee that would repeat and advance a study performed by Tom Beechy nearly 25 years ago.  Further discussion will be held in the coming year.  

Funding for research in education has been proposed to Deloitte and Touche and to the professional bodies.  These discussions will also continue in the upcoming year.

CAAA–SAP AG Technology and Accounting Education Seminar Series

We were extremely fortunate this year to receive funding from SAP AG to organize and deliver seminars that focus on the impact of technology on the accounting profession and related pedagogical implications. Our goal is to present high-quality programs featuring top-notch experts targeting university and college-based accounting educators. We want to foster an awareness of technology’s impact on the discipline of accounting and its implications to the teaching of accounting and to facilitate the implementation of technology’s impact into the accounting curricula.

Gerald Trites of St. Francis Xavier is chairing this subcommittee of the Education Committee and has been working very hard along with his committee members.  Seminars this year have been held in Mississauga, Halifax, and Montreal. I would like to thank Jerry Trites for his dedication to the organization of this committee and the success of the seminars held so far. Thanks also to the committee members who are putting so much effort into making this seminar series a successful education endeavor.

New Format

The new committee format of the education function has been in place this past year and has worked very well thanks to the chairs of each of the committees.  My special thank you goes out to these dedicated CAAA members who donate so much of their time to our organization.

1. PD Committee – Chaired by Nicola Young of Saint Mary’s University to organize and oversee the Professional Day  preceding the annual conference.

2. Regional Education Sessions Committee – Chaired by Lou Richards of SAIT to organize and oversee other regional education sessions throughout the year to bring education sessions closer to our members in different parts of the country.  Unfortunately Lou had to resign from this committee due to health and we wish her a speedy recovery.

3. CAERN Committee – Chaired by Marg Forbes, University of Saskatchewan to ensure that meaningful information is presented in the quarterly “Educators’ Forum.”  

4.  Conference Committee – Chaired by Grant Russell, University of Waterloo, to organize and oversee the education sessions at the annual meeting and subsume the following three additional sub-committees:

a) Case Competition Committee – The English case competition is chaired by Suresh Kalagnanam of the University of Saskatchewan  to undertake the process of organizing the annual case competition.  The French case competition is chaired by Monique Levesque of the University of Moncton.  

b) Innovation in Education and Learning Strategies Exchange Committee – Chaired by Pascale Lapointe of Brock University to oversee the planning and selection of the annual winners for the Howard Teall Innovation in Accounting Education Award and by Monique Levesque of the University of Moncton to organize the poster session at the annual conference.  

In addition, I would like to thank other members who played a role in the education committee and its mandate this past year: Gale Evans from CMA Canada,  Ron Francis from Seneca College, Brenda Blakey of Grant MacEwan College, and John D. Russell from the University of Saskatchewan.

Finally, I would like to thank Marg Forbes who has agreed to become the Chair of the Education Committee for the upcoming two years.  She has worked tirelessly on this committee and I know that the education endeavors will only improve under her leadership.

It has been my honour to serve the CAAA as Education Chair.  

Angela Downey, Chair
CAAA Education Committee

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