28th Annual Contemporary Accounting Research Conference

Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront Hotel

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

October 25–26, 2013

(plus Doctoral/Junior Faculty Consortium on October 24)

Celebrating a Decade of Diversity

A little over a decade ago, Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) made explicit a commitment that had long been implicit, to celebrate the diverse traditions that make up accounting research and to expand them to new vistas. Hence, this 28th CAR Conference to be held in Kingston, Ontario, will celebrate diversity and hopefully will feature some new vistas that have yet to be properly explored. We invite you to come and celebrate the diversity of accounting research that is CAR's tradition. From financial markets to societal implications; from analytical modeling to case studies; from economics through to sociology; all researchers and formats of research are welcomed to this conference. While others talk about the need to create "more innovative" accounting research and researchers, CAR does it!

The CAR Conference and the Doctoral/Junior Faculty Consortium are by invitation only.



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