Contemporary Accounting Research

Submission Guidelines

CAR accepts articles written either in English or in French for publication in the journal.  Articles submitted for the annual CAR conference must be written in English.

New Submissions

1. Only manuscripts containing original, unpublished work, which is not being considered for publication elsewhere, will be received.

2. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically using CAR’s online submission and peer review system, Editorial Manager (EM), at:  Please note: CAR receives funding from the Canadian Government (SSHRC), which requires information regarding Canadian participation in the journal. When you submit a manuscript online, there will be a submission question related to the Canadian status (if applicable) of your submission. Please be prepared to answer according to the following guidelines:  Submissions are defined as Canadian if ANY of the authors a) reside and work in Canada; OR b) reside outside of Canada, but hold valid Canadian Citizenship.  

3. Manuscripts labeled with the section/category name “Experimental” or “Case/ Field study/ other” or “Other” must be accompanied by copies of the full research instrument used to collect the data.

4. Submission fees are as follows: $125 for CAAA members only or $200 for non-members (dollar amounts are in Canadian funds in Canada and in US funds elsewhere).  

Submission fee payments may be made through our Online Submission Fee Payment Form. We accept VISA or MasterCard. All CAAA online payments respect your security and privacy; our payment facility is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption and GeoTrust certification. Those who pay the submission fee online will automatically receive a receipt when the payment is received. We encourage the use of our online payment form for efficient fee processing; however, we will also accept payment by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to: The Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) and mailed to the address below. Submission fees are non-refundable.  

5. Manuscripts should be directed to:

Professor Patricia C. O'Brien, Editor-in-Chief
Contemporary Accounting Research
245 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 410
Toronto, ON M2J 4T1 Canada
Phone: +1 416 486 5361 Fax: +1 416 486 6158

For assistance, contact


  1. Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced on one side of standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Margins should be 1 1/2" on all sides.
  2. Software:

For Windows users, all manuscripts must be submitted to the CAR Editorial Manager (EM) in Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, or 2010 (.doc or .docx). For Macintosh users, files should be in Microsoft Word 2004 (.doc).  

We now accept manuscripts prepared in LaTeX.

You may submit your manuscript in PDF; however, please be advised that if your submission is accepted for publication, MS Word or LaTeX files will be required for the production process.

We do not accept Scientific Word. If you plan to use any other software, please contact the managing editor.

  1. All pages, including, tables, figures, illustrations, appendices, and references, should be numbered sequentially.
  2. A cover page must contain the following information:
    1. title;
    2. author’s name and affiliation;
    3. address, phone, fax, and email numbers of the person to whom correspondence should be addressed; and
    4. acknowledgements and information on grants received.
  3. Note: For online submissions, the cover page should be saved as a separate file so that it is not part of the manuscript when you upload it online (the manuscript must be a “blind” copy for review purposes).
  4. An abstract of not more than 250 words must be presented on the second page immediately following the cover page. The abstract should include the research question, method of examination, and principal findings, and should be followed by four keywords and up to five JEL descriptors (to aid in indexing).
  5. Footnotes: Use the automatic footnote function (but not for the cover-page acknowledgments note). Do not use endnotes.
  6. Each table, figure, or illustration must be presented on a separate (numbered) page, following the text, each bearing both an Arabic numeral and a title.
  7. Accepted papers are to be prepared using Microsoft Word where possible. Inquiries about other suitable software formats may be directed to the Managing Editor. The data underlying all graphs should be supplied in separate files in ASCII or Excel format.
  8. If you use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function, before submitting your electronic files, please ensure that you accept all changes and turn off Track Changes in your files.   


Authors should save copies of the manuscript's reviews and decision letters outside of CAR's electronic Editorial Manager (EM) system. Files will remain available on the EM system only for a period of one year after final decision. All files older than one year will be archived in the EM system. EM's archived files are inaccessible for CAR authors and for the CAR office. 


Together with the paper being submitted, authors are asked to include a copy of any other paper, whether or not published elsewhere, that shares data or modeling analysis with the submitted paper. The contribution of the submitted manuscript must be clearly distinguishable from other such papers. If the submitted paper is based on an experiment, survey, or other data manipulations, participants, or variables involved in that collection are reflected in the paper, authors are asked to include a memo describing and explaining the circumstances and estimating any effects on the results. The memo may be sent to reviewers. All reviews are blind reviews.

Revised Submissions

Please note that as of June 1, 2010 CAR's policy is that revisions must be submitted within one year of the date of this revision letter, otherwise the manuscript will automatically be withdrawn from CAR's active files.

Papers Accepted for Publication

Authors whose papers have been accepted for publication must ensure the paper conforms to CAR's style requirements as detailed in the Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR)  Style Guide

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Contact Information

245 Fairview Mall Drive
Suite 410
Toronto, ON M2J 4T1

Phone: 416-486-5361
Fax: 416-486-6158