Contemporary Accounting Research

Editorial Policy

Aims and Scope  

Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) is the premiere research journal of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association, which publishes leading-edge research that contributes to our understanding of all aspects of accounting’s role within organizations, markets or society. Canadian based, increasingly global in scope, CAR seeks to reflect the geographical and intellectual diversity in accounting research. To accomplish this, CAR will continue to publish in its traditional areas of excellence, while seeking to more fully represent other research streams in its pages, so as to continue and expand its tradition of excellence. Therefore, CAR welcomes interesting and intellectually rigorous work in all areas of accounting (including audit, financial, information systems, managerial and tax), using relevant methods (including but not limited to analytical, archival, case study, empirical, experimental, or field); based in economics, finance, history, psychology, sociology, or any  cognate disciplines that help illuminate the role of accounting within organizations, markets or society.

CAR Editorial Process

CAR accepts articles written either in English or in French. Once a manuscript is submitted, the Editor-in-Chief typically reviews the manuscript, determines if it falls within the Journal’s Aims and Scope, and assigns it to an Editor who has particular expertise with the topic. Ad hoc Editors, drawn from amongst the Consulting Editors, the Editorial Board, former Editors-in-Chief and Editors, may be employed from time to time.  

Editors (including Ad hoc) assigned to specific manuscripts are responsible for the entire editorial and review process, including the decision of final disposition of the manuscript. Each manuscript is to be reviewed by two referees. Reviewers are encouraged not to attempt to identify the authors so as to maintain the integrity of the double blind review process. CAR strives to offer authors a fair, constructive, expert, and timely review process that respects the integrity of their manuscript’s topic, as well as the author’s disciplinary and methodological choices. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, as the duly appointed executive member of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association responsible for the Journal, has ultimate responsibility for all articles accepted for the Journal and hence deals with author appeals and related matters. The Editor-in-Chief may consult with the Consulting Editors especially on matters that may involve issues that are farther from the domains of the Editor-in-Chief’s areas of substantive expertise.

Manuscripts should be directed to:

Professor Patricia C. O'Brien, Editor-in-Chief
Contemporary Accounting Research
245 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 410
Toronto, ON M2J 4T1 Canada
Phone: +1 416 486 5361 Fax: +1 416 486 6158

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245 Fairview Mall Drive
Suite 410
Toronto, ON M2J 4T1

Phone: 416-486-5361
Fax: 416-486-6158