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CAAA's Publishing Partnership

The CAAA has a publishing partnership with Wiley Periodicals Inc., a global leader in academic publishing.  Our two journals, Contemporary Accounting Research and Accounting Perspectives, are published by Wiley beginning in 2010. This partnership provides us with access to Wiley’s significant expertise in accounting and business publishing, and will increase the visibility, readership and circulation of our journals worldwide. Both journals will retain full editorial independence and will remain under CAAA ownership.  We look forward to this partnership with Wiley, and to the benefits it will bring to CAAA members and their journals, and to accounting academics, students, and practitioners.


Claude Laurin became the Editor for the journal for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2013. Please refer to the Editorial Policy available online and contact Claude Laurin if you have any questions about the journal at ap@caaa.ca.

Publication Frequency

Effective 2007, the Accounting Perspectives will publish quarterly with the following publication schedule: March, June, September, and December.  

Journal of Accounting Case Research (JACR) merger with Accounting Perspectives

As part of the CAAA’s plan to offer more services of interest to its members, Accounting Perspectives took over the publication of accounting cases previously offered by JACR. The last issue of JACR published by Captus Press and the University of Lethbridge was Volume 9, Issue 2 in 2007.

AP will continue to publish cases in the tradition of JACR, as well as cases from the CAAA Case Competition in the Case section of AP. AP will attempt to publish 1–3 cases per quarterly issue, with the key determining factor being the availability of cases of acceptable quality. (This will approximate the volume of cases published by JACR.)

AP's planned practice is to withhold the case Teaching Notes and make them available only to instructors, thereby enhancing the classroom usefulness of the cases. Please note, however, that Teaching Notes are considered part of the submission and are assessed during the peer review process. Please refer to the information on Instructional Cases and Teaching Notes available online and contact the journal if you have any questions.

Online Submission Processing

Accounting Perspectives made the transition to a web-based submission and review system, called Editorial Manager in July 2006. With the EM submission system, authors can submit manuscripts online and track their progress through the review process; reviewers can download assigned manuscripts and submit reviews online; and Editors can manage and keep track of the whole submission and review process in a timely fashion. The user-friendly web interface allows authors, reviewers, and Editors easy and convenient access to information regarding submissions to Accounting Perspectives.

All submissions to Accounting Perspectives must be submitted online through the Editorial Manager (EM) website at https://www.editorialmanager.com/cap. Please refer also to the online submission guidelines.

Editorial Assistant

Accounting Perspectives' editorial assistant is Mary Lui. If you should require assistance with the EM online submission system or with any journal-related matter, please contact her at mary.lui@caaa.ca

Submit a manuscript online to Accounting Perspectives

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